Letty Ferrer, A nanna's story of her daughter & granddaughter being diagnosed

Uncategorized Feb 16, 2022
On this episode, we welcome a very special guest, my mom. She shares her memories of what it was like when I was diagnosed, having surgery as well as when her granddaughter was diagnosed.
At the age of 10, my doctor noticed “something funny.” I was taken to the orthopedic where I was diagnosed & given a Milwaukee brace. It looked like a “torture chamber.” I had to buckle her up every day.
We went to Montauk to visit Letty’s mother who suggested getting a second opinion. Letty made an appointment with orthopedist Dr. Patrick O’Leary.
He offered a few suggestions, “do nothing, get an updated brace or have back surgery.”
Letty shares that I made the decision of wanting to wear the brace & do “the exercises.”
My curves increased. From April to May 19, they went from 46 to 50 degrees. Teresa would have 2 orthopedists performing this surgery Dr. O’Leary & Dr. Neuwirth.
Letty tells what it was like...
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Natalie, a mom tells her story of Scoliosis & pregnancy

Uncategorized Jan 31, 2022
Natalie & I connected through Back to Healing. She’s here to talk about her journey of being diagnosed to pregnancy and being the mom of two girls. Her curve was noticed during an annual school check. She was given prescriptions to go to a chiropractor, exercises, & get fitted for a brace when she was 9. She would wear her brace for 3 years.
She shares her experience of what it was like wearing a brace & how her friends would joke that she had ads of steal. Looking back, she admits it wasn’t as bad as she thought it would be. In 8th grade she went back for her check up. Her ortho said her curves had not increased. She threw the brace in the trash.
After high school. She got into a regular routine of work & school. That’s when the pain started to set in.
“I have pain every day. It’s so normal, that I don’t complain.”
She went for X-rays, to find out her curves increased to 65. She went to...
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Darlene Fashion model in NYC

Uncategorized Jan 11, 2022
Darlene started having back pain at age 5. At 8, she & her family noticed that she held her back pack differently then her sister.
“As soon as I put a book bag on my back, it felt weird. I didn’t feel even.”

When she was diagnosed, her curve wasn’t severe. She started a routine of exercising 2x a week with a professional but it didn’t last long.
Over time, her pain got worse from carrying books that she would use a wheeling back pack which wasn’t cool to be seen with. She would compensate by shifting her weight onto one side. She noticed the pain started to glide up her spine. She could feel the difference in her spine.
At age 15, she was fitted for a brace. After 2 years, she would stop wearing it. She found that wearing a velcro type brace, helped to keep her upright.
Being that Darlene is a fashion model, I asked how is it as a model with Scoliosis?
“I know how to hold a pose. Standing wearing heals, feeling pain in her...
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Kay Ola a story of strength & determination

Uncategorized Dec 30, 2021
At age 25, he was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. Always very fit, he started losing a lot of weight & became weak. His back started hurting. He was given pain killers to help with the pain. He went on a trip to Nigeria to help his parents business where he fainted. This would start a long journey of hospital visits. During one of those visits, he had an X-ray where his Scoliosis would be discovered. Being diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis & Scoliosis, “these conditions nearly took my life.”
His pain worsened to the point where he couldn’t move his neck. Having another X-ray, he found out his neck was broken. “We don’t know how you’re alive,” the doctors told him. The team of professionals asked what he did, coming to the conclusion that it was his strength training that kept him alive. His training methods took him on a journey of using unconventional modalities, in particular the mace, Indian clubs & slush ropes.
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Meredith Bionic Ballerina

Uncategorized Dec 28, 2021
Meredith Martin diagnosed at age 10 w 19 degrees & the let’s wait & see attitude. In 6 months her curve “shot up to 68 degrees” Never letting go of her career as a dancer. Her parents allowed her to make the decision of surgery to have it or not. She continued dancing, while wearing the spine core brace. At 21, she was cast in the musical Oklahoma which would require a 14 minute ballet sequence. The pain required a routine of decompressing using a heating pad & stretching.
Her curves increased to 73 degrees with 3 vertebra that had fused themselves together. Currently her back is still not completely flat with 2 rods & 24 screws.
Being told,  dancing will make your curves worse. but "dance is what saved my body. Your body has habits. Having hardware fused to your spine, doesn’t make the habits disappear."
What she would say the younger Meredith. How she dealt with & deals with the emotional...
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Orothpedist Dr. Lonner

Uncategorized Dec 25, 2021
Specializing in Tethering Dr. Lonner shares what Tethering (Vertebral Body Tethering/VBT or Anterior Scoliosis Correction/ASC) is & how it helps to correct Scoliosis without fusing the spine. This procedure has been around for about 10 years. Dr. Lonner has been practicing for over 20 years but has been performing the tether method for 6. He currently has just 400 cases under his belt. His success with his patients ranges from all age groups all over the world.

Candidate's for this procedure will have a 40 degree or higher curve & range from young to mature ages.
“My goal is to educate families so they can get back to their lives.”
Where can you find Dr. Lonner:
His assistant Patricia: 212.241.8312
Instagram: Scoliosisfixer
3 Free tips for back stretches created by Teresa Teuscher for Scoliosis back pain. Grab your free tips here
Do you follow Teresa on Instagram yet? Head over to T3Fitt on...
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Denise Barker

Uncategorized Dec 21, 2021
Diagnosed at age 11 with 72 & 54 curves that were first discovered during a routine visit to her dentist.
Through testing, it was discovered she had a heart condition which she would also have to have surgery for.
Her first spinal surgery lasted 14 hr & was performed as an anterior fusion.
The surgery was so aggressive that her body reacted with her getting her first period & her lungs filled with fluid
Those surgeries were the gift that would set her up for her future scoliosis surgery.
At 17 she had her second surgery where she then took off!
  Having trouble with her pelvis, her leg would sometimes go numb.
With a team, of surgeons her sacrum was fused, her trunk was relocated.
My body didn’t understand straight, my body didn’t understand being a little softer.
Not having pain for decades can be very traumatizing.
Body dysmorphia is still very much a part to her life. Where is she now?
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Damian Bailey

Uncategorized Dec 16, 2021
Damian & his twin brother diagnosed at 12 with Severe Scoliosis. By the time they were in high school, they were both wearing a brace.
They would both given a brace that they were supposed to wear 24 hrs.
What they were supposed to do & did, were two very different things. When their braces arrived, they were mis matched. Damian was given Jeramine’s brace & Jermaine Damian’s. From 14-17, their orthopedist said if you don’t have surgery, your curves will only increase. Damian was already walking with elevated levels. Him & his brother would have back to back surgeries. Recovery lasted about 3 months. Before he knew it, Damian was back to running & playing basketball.
His recovery would require him to lay face down.
At the age of 21 he started working out primarily focusing on muscle gain. He reflects in hindsight that if pilates or yoga had been introduced, he would have been able to maintain some of his flexibility.
Recently Damian...
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Simply Simone

Uncategorized Dec 16, 2021
Her story starts in the 5th grade
The first joke she encountered was told she had “Schooliosis”
In middle school she met with her orthopedic who introduced her to the thought of wearing a brace.
Choosing not to brace, the pain she endured & progressed. What it was like going to church & sitting in the pews.
She was told as you grow so does your curve. She had stopped growing but her curve didn’t. With a 45 curve, she would be fused.
Having surgery in Texas living her every day life, she didn’t feel pain until coming to NYC & experiencing the cold vacuum like winds & icy streets.
How was life different post surgery? I can’t get into anyone’s mind expect my own.
Post surgery helped solidify her new chapter of friends.
What she was told she could & couldn’t do? Wondering "Is their a single source of truth to this.”
What she does...
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Lou Faustin Power lifter, competitor

Uncategorized Dec 14, 2021
Lou's story started in 9th grade when she & her sister were getting ready for track. Her sister came up behind her “what’s wrong with your back?!” asking as a teenager sister would in front of everyone.
She went to an orthopedic & chiropractor being filled with “false promises.” She remembers the love hate relationships between those professionals.
She noticed that as a kid she shifted her weight to one side. After time what she realized was her body wasn’t showing weakness, it’s just how she was & is.
Not being comfortable to have surgery, she made the decision to stick with the chiropractor.
After being aligned, she felt great but quickly found out that it was just a “placebo affect.”
Knowing she always had a passion for muscle definition she loved seeing how strong bodies could become.  Her father got a membership & asked if she wanted to be his gym buddy.
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