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Denise Barker

Uncategorized Dec 21, 2021
Diagnosed at age 11 with 72 & 54 curves that were first discovered during a routine visit to her dentist.
Through testing, it was discovered she had a heart condition which she would also have to have surgery for.
Her first spinal surgery lasted 14 hr & was performed as an anterior fusion.
The surgery was so aggressive that her body reacted with her getting her first period & her lungs filled with fluid
Those surgeries were the gift that would set her up for her future scoliosis surgery.
At 17 she had her second surgery where she then took off!
  Having trouble with her pelvis, her leg would sometimes go numb.
With a team, of surgeons her sacrum was fused, her trunk was relocated.
My body didn’t understand straight, my body didn’t understand being a little softer.
Not having pain for decades can be very traumatizing.
Body dysmorphia is still very much a part to her life. Where is she now?
Where can you find Denise:
Instagram: Denisebarker
facebook: Denise Barker
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