Carlyn Porter The Curvy Truth

Uncategorized May 07, 2021


On this episode, we welcome Carlyn Porter from the Curvy Truth

Diagnosed at 13 with idiopathic Scoliosis. With a 2 year progression, she had surgery. 


Here are a few things she shares: 


With minimal physical therapy post surgery she was able to touch her toes.

Some of the things she wasn’t told: What the purpose of wearing a brace? 

What were the root causes? 

How are my other symptoms related? 

She talks about he recovery 

How long it took her to feel “normal.”

How her journey got her turned on to Aroma therapy & its benefits.  

“Learning how to separate pain from Scoliosis & her fusion.”

“Being forced to be ‘fixed’ implying that something is wrong with me.”

What she has since taught herself, I am the expert on me!

Her experience of doing Yoga with a fused spine


Where can you find Carlyn:

Instagram: Thecurvytruth



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Beth San Filippo her journey with Adult Scoliosis & surgery

Uncategorized Apr 30, 2021
On todays episode we welcome Beth San Flippo. She talks about her journey of being diagnosed with Scoliosis at a young age & not having surgery until she was an adult.
Here are a few things she shares:
At an early age, she was told the don’ts of what will happen post surgery
Her orthopedic telling her at her appointment don’t gain weight & stay fit. “You’re in good shape, stay that way.”
How she never attributed her back pain to scoliosis pain
What it was like being pregnant & giving birth with her curves
In early 2000, she went to an ortho for pain and was told “I have a patients with real problems.”
In 2012 she fell down the stairs. It was then that her back woke her up & the pain didn’t go away.
She talks about was has helped her with pre to present & post surgery
How she found Dr. Gupta an adult scoliosis orthopedic based at Shriners Hospital in Chicago.
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Australian singer, Aylson Murray talks about breathing techniques with her Scoliosis

Uncategorized Apr 21, 2021

On this episode of the T3fitt Scoliosis Podcast, let’s welcome singer Australian singer Alyson Murray. 

Here are a few things she talks about with her Scoliosis journey. 

*How her diagnosis with Scoliosis was discovered when she was 13, you might find it quite unusual

*One of her biggest concerns she had when she was prepping for surgery. 

*What life was like just after surgery. How she walked with her feet crossing over

*How her curves & fusion affected her life as a singer

*Why she thought about going in for a second surgery & then decided not to

*How she learned to expand her breathing 

*How her Scoliosis changed the way she writes her music & how it changed her vocal changes

*She’s sees so many of the benefits

*She talks about the various surgeries & the one she had & didn’t have

*Knowing how your body works & what she could do, ie triathlon

*What she told she shouldn’t do

*What it’s like in Australia vs...

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Vivian Doan Intergrative Health Practioner, creator of Scoliofitness

Uncategorized Apr 15, 2021

On today’s episode we are welcoming Vivan Doan, a scoliosis warrior, Intergrative Health Practione & creator of Scoliofitness. 


Viv talks about her diagnosis with Scoliosis & how she took control of her curves. 


Here are a few things she shares: 

*being diagnosed at 10 years old

*getting certified in yoga

*the disconnect between fitness & physical therapy - bridging that gap

*being her own patient, decreasing her curve.  

*being a board member of Back to Healing (formally known as Straight forward Foundation) 

*what's her mission 

*having a tool kit & start from there

*embrace your scoliosis so you can let it go

*there’s no size fits all. It’s about different seasons of life & how to move through them. 

*”Adding life to your years not years to your life.”



Where can you find Viv: 

Instagram DaywithViv & Scoliofitness

Facebook Scoliofitness


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Dr Sonja Schreiber owner of Curvy Spine Clinic in Edmonton Canada

Uncategorized Apr 08, 2021
On this episode of the T3fitt Scoliosis Podcast, we'd like to  welcome Dr. Sonja Schreiber, a Schroth specialist & owner of Curvy Spine Clinic in Edmonton Canada.
Here are a few things she passionately shares with excitement in her voice about practicing the Schroth method and working with her clients. She discusses everything from the intensity of Schroth method to her schooling at the Katrina Schroth Institute in Germany.
*She’s an International instructor for the Schroth method
*De novo Scoliosis & it’s complexities
*Different types of bracing
*The importance of having a multi disciplinary team
*An important question she presents & has discovered in her professional career 
*People with back pain, how many of them have Scoliosis?
*"Unlearn to relearn"
*She Specializes in Scoliosis & Kyphosis
*How many Schroth clinics currently exist in Canada
Where you can find Sonja & her...
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Thyra a young Scoliosis Warrior

Uncategorized Apr 02, 2021

On this episode of the T3fitt Scoliosis Podcast, I’d like to welcome a very special guest, my daughter, Thyra. Here, she shares her Scoliosis Warrior journey. She talks about her relationship with Scoliosis & what it was like for her when she was diagnosed. 


Here are a few things she shares 

  • How she felt about Scoliosis
  • How she found out that she had Scoliosis
  • What it was like doing Schroth method therapy
  • What Scoliosis has given her
  • How she was treated when she had to wear a brace
  • What she would say to someone who’s diagnosed with Scoliosis
  • ‘there’s no such thing as a bad life just a bad day.”
  • you’ll get through it


LEAVE A REVIEW: if you enjoy this episode, we’d to hear what was your take away. Be sure to do over to Apple Podcasts & leave a 5 star review. If you know someone who this can help, please share. Take a screen shot & share it with us on instagram @ T3fitt. 


We’ll see you on...

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Beth Terranova Physical therapist & Schroth specialist talks about her journey with Scoliosis

Uncategorized Mar 31, 2021

On today’s Scoliosis Podcast, we have guest Beth Terranova a physical therapist, Schroth specialist based in NYC.


On this episode Beth Shares her story of being diagnosed with Scoliosis. What she was told by an orthopedic, how her own journey with Scoliosis changed her attitude as well as her decision to become a physical therapist.



Here are a few things she shares: 

When she was told: “you must have lied about your degrees.” 

This is something you’ll just have to life with. 

Remembering Disney’s hunch back of Notre Dame & having that image.

When she was told, don’t carry anything heavy & how her perspective was changed.

Weightlifting with Scoliosis. 

How each person approaches Scoliosis is their choice.


Where can you find Beth:

Instagram: StrengthandSpine 

Facebook: Scoliosis Strength Club



LEAVE A REVIEW: if you enjoy this episode,...

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David Butler Schroth therapist & owner of Align Therapy

Welcome to T3fitt Scoliosis Podcast. Today our guest is David Butler, a physical therapist, Schroth & C’s specialist based in Utah. 



What he shares:

His history in orthopedics how he was introduced to Scoliosis 

Why he became attracted to spine treatment The different types of therapy’s he uses for Scoliosis patients

At what point does the conversation change from doing therapy 

The importance of asking patients “what’s the big deal” 

Why therapy is important.A story that stuck with him

Do something vs nothing.


Where you can find David & his team of therapists:

youtube: aligntherapyutah 

instagram: aligntherapy.lehi

[email protected]


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Sara Henderson

Uncategorized Mar 31, 2021

Welcome to the T3Fitt Scoliosis Podcast. Today we are talking with my 1st guest, Sara. It is an honor to have her as a guest on today’s episode.

Here she shares:

Her story from the emotional as well as physical journey of living with scoliosis.

What life was like in school. The emotional scars of triggers. What life was like after surgery. How she took life back.

“My Spine My Rules”

What she has learned along the way.

Where you can find Sara Instagram - sarahe3210

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Do you follow Teresa on Instagram yet? Head over to T3Fitt on Instagram and follow her and her team for additional content.

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Welcome to T3Fitt Podcast

Welcome to the first episode of the T3Fitt Scoliosis Podcast. I’m Teresa Teuscher, founder of T3fitt. In this episode, here’s what you can expect: 



*What’s it’s like growing up in NYC as a ballerina

*How life changed when I had to wear a brace. 

*What life was like after having being told I had to have surgery

*The experience of having my daughter being diagnosed 

*What’s the intention of this podcast is

*Why this podcast has been created

*What you can get out of it

“It is because of this and the emotional as well as physical scars of Scoliosis that so many of us live with on a daily basis that we created the T3fitt podcast, a space where stories are heard & education is given.”

 If you enjoy this episode, chances are you’ll like these tips. Download this pdfI would love to hear what was your favorite part. Be sure to leave a review. If you know someone who this can help please share it, take a...

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