The Slay Coach tells her story

Uncategorized Jun 14, 2021


On this episode I talk with Jamie,  The SlayCoach

Here are just a few things this fire ball shares with us: 

Being diagnosed at age 10 

being punched in the stomach with abs of steel & flat butt

At 15 she had a 36 degree curve she was told you’re done growing, you can stop wearing the brace. 

A few months after she stopped wearing her brace, she experienced pain, breathing became hard.

“I felt uncomfortable in my bones 

*Her curves went from 36 to 57 in a few months. 

*Having the support of friends to help bathe. 

*One of biggest morning points is it being harder to stretch

“I’ve never stopped missing being able to bend backwards.”

*Works with a chiropractor 

*Started working out to impress a guy who became her future husband. Along the way had a journey of self discovery along the way. 

*Wondering what  my 60 year old self would look like?

*Finding functional exercises was freedom.

*The only time it hurts is when I jump back into exercise after having time off. 

*Having a daughter be born with infantile Scoliosis & what that meant. 


Where can you find Jamie? 

Instagram: TheSlayCoach


We’ll see you on the next episode. 


Your Scoliosis friend, 



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