Shano Nebel Rassmussen from Denmark

Uncategorized May 20, 2021

He extraordinary story in a nutshell. Here are just a few things he shares with us. 


He first recognized something wasn’t right at the age of 7 but was told, it’s nothing you’re a boy.

At 13 he had his first back spasm which shut his body down which then opened his parents eyes that something was wrong. 


He drove to the nearest hospital, an hour away where he sat & waited for 3/4 hours to be seen. 

When he was seen the doctor said you’re harder here then there, one angle wing is popping out but not the other. I can give you a shot but the pain came back

From there, life changed. He traded in  hanging out with his friends to being in pain & going to the hospital weekly for general physical therapy.

After 2 1/2 years, he finally got first X-ray. 6 months later, he would see a scoliosis specialist. 

Every 6 months going for an X-ray & having to wait 6 months to discuss the X-ray. Being told the same thing.

Surgery was discussed giving him a 50/50 chance of getting rid of pain with a 100% of not being able to move his neck. 

His dreams were shattered.

“Don’t lift anything over 1 kilo (2.25lb)”

You can’t do this job. Your weight is a problem….

Having no support, his life spiraled from one substance abuse to another. 

It wasn’t until he became open, listening to the potential that someone saw in him that things started to change.

Since then, “I have become a helping hand.”

I would not become this person if it wasn’t for my back”


Where can you find Shano:

Instagram: Fuck_Scoliosis


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