Finally, alleviate back pain for people with scoliosis and/or a fused spine for free

3 Tips for Back Pain

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These tips will help you

  • Create balance in your body even with your imperfections.

  • Alleviate back pain even with scoliosis or a fused spine.

  • Bend down without pain.

  • Move with confidence and be pain free.

Yes, I want my copy.

Hi, I’m Teresa!

I am a native New Yorker who grew up in a theatrical family. As a young girl, I studied ballet  at The American Ballet School & Joffrey Ballet. At the age of 10, I was diagnosed with Scoliosis which would lead to surgery. Due to limited post surgery physical therapy treatments, I developed my own exercises & methods on how to move.

This would result in my keen interest in the body & exploring the most effective techniques & principles of my physical well being, while coming to terms with the emotional challenges of my bodies limitations.

After my daughter was born, I became a personal trainer & group fitness instructor. I work with a diverse group, ranging from teenagers (including my daughter who was diagnosed with Scoliosis), adults & mature adults.

Some of my specialties include being able to relate to my clients who are emotionally challenged by their physical limitations.

My mission & goal is to empower people to move safely & pain free. I customize effective, challenging and fun workouts of strength, mobility & flexibility training using different modalities. To work with me, you will learn how to use kettle bells, free weights, body weight (perfect for traveling) & have fun.