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Beth San Filippo her journey with Adult Scoliosis & surgery

Uncategorized Apr 30, 2021
On todays episode we welcome Beth San Flippo. She talks about her journey of being diagnosed with Scoliosis at a young age & not having surgery until she was an adult.
Here are a few things she shares:
At an early age, she was told the don’ts of what will happen post surgery
Her orthopedic telling her at her appointment don’t gain weight & stay fit. “You’re in good shape, stay that way.”
How she never attributed her back pain to scoliosis pain
What it was like being pregnant & giving birth with her curves
In early 2000, she went to an ortho for pain and was told “I have a patients with real problems.”
In 2012 she fell down the stairs. It was then that her back woke her up & the pain didn’t go away.
She talks about was has helped her with pre to present & post surgery
How she found Dr. Gupta an adult scoliosis orthopedic based at Shriners Hospital in Chicago.
She shares about daily house choirs & how she measures her accomplishments
Lastly, she shares what life is like post surgery and the challenges she wasn’t anticipating
Where can you find Beth:
Instagram: JustBeth65
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We’ll see you on the next episode.
Your Scoliosis friend,
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