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Vivian Doan Intergrative Health Practioner, creator of Scoliofitness

Uncategorized Apr 15, 2021

On today’s episode we are welcoming Vivan Doan, a scoliosis warrior, Intergrative Health Practione & creator of Scoliofitness. 


Viv talks about her diagnosis with Scoliosis & how she took control of her curves. 


Here are a few things she shares: 

*being diagnosed at 10 years old

*getting certified in yoga

*the disconnect between fitness & physical therapy - bridging that gap

*being her own patient, decreasing her curve.  

*being a board member of Back to Healing (formally known as Straight forward Foundation) 

*what's her mission 

*having a tool kit & start from there

*embrace your scoliosis so you can let it go

*there’s no size fits all. It’s about different seasons of life & how to move through them. 

*”Adding life to your years not years to your life.”



Where can you find Viv: 

Instagram DaywithViv & Scoliofitness

Facebook Scoliofitness


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We’ll see you on the next episode. 


Your Scoliosis friend, 



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