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Simply Simone

Uncategorized Dec 16, 2021
Her story starts in the 5th grade
The first joke she encountered was told she had “Schooliosis”
In middle school she met with her orthopedic who introduced her to the thought of wearing a brace.
Choosing not to brace, the pain she endured & progressed. What it was like going to church & sitting in the pews.
She was told as you grow so does your curve. She had stopped growing but her curve didn’t. With a 45 curve, she would be fused.
Having surgery in Texas living her every day life, she didn’t feel pain until coming to NYC & experiencing the cold vacuum like winds & icy streets.
How was life different post surgery? I can’t get into anyone’s mind expect my own.
Post surgery helped solidify her new chapter of friends.
What she was told she could & couldn’t do? Wondering "Is their a single source of truth to this.”
What she does...
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Lou Faustin Power lifter, competitor

Uncategorized Dec 14, 2021
Lou's story started in 9th grade when she & her sister were getting ready for track. Her sister came up behind her “what’s wrong with your back?!” asking as a teenager sister would in front of everyone.
She went to an orthopedic & chiropractor being filled with “false promises.” She remembers the love hate relationships between those professionals.
She noticed that as a kid she shifted her weight to one side. After time what she realized was her body wasn’t showing weakness, it’s just how she was & is.
Not being comfortable to have surgery, she made the decision to stick with the chiropractor.
After being aligned, she felt great but quickly found out that it was just a “placebo affect.”
Knowing she always had a passion for muscle definition she loved seeing how strong bodies could become.  Her father got a membership & asked if she wanted to be his gym buddy.
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Angele having surgery in France & her biggest concerns

Uncategorized Dec 07, 2021
Was first introduced to Scoliosis by her sister who was diagnosed. Angele’s curves started at the age of 10 with a 60 & 55 curves. At age 14 she would be wearing a brace for the next 5 years but wasn’t very good at it. She would use any excuse to take it off.
She did not live in pain while her curves increased. 18 years later, she made the choice to have surgery.

What she focuses on in her daily life, learning how to live in her new body, how to manage pain. Sometimes sharing some of her most private things through social media.
Having had her surgery in France, she remembers what her biggest fear was, how long she was in the hospital & her concerns about coming back to the States.
She shares what she anticipated on how she thought she would be post surgery.
What life is like now, what is her new normal.
Along the way, she’s learned “being very kind to myself mentally & physically.”
She shares the WHY of choosing to...
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A teenager's view on Scoliosis

Uncategorized Dec 04, 2021
I’d like to welcome a very special guest, my daughter, Thyra. On this episode she shares her Scoliosis Warrior journey. She talks about her relationship with Scoliosis & what it was like for her when she was diagnosed.
Here are a few things she shares
  • How she felt about Scoliosis
  • How she found out that she had Scoliosis
  • What it was like doing Schroth method therapy
  • What Scoliosis has given her
  • How she was treated when she had to wear a brace
  • What she would say to someone who’s diagnosed with Scoliosis
  • "there’s no such thing as a bad life just a bad day.”
  • you’ll get through it
LEAVE A REVIEW: if you enjoy this episode, we’d to hear what was your take away. Be sure to do over to Apple Podcasts & leave a 5 star review. If you know someone who this can help, please share. Take a screen shot & share it with us on instagram @ T3fitt.
We’ll see you on the next episode.
Your Scoliosis friend,
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Scoliosis surgery Mace training

Uncategorized Dec 04, 2021

What it’s like training with a mace & being fused Sara, a former podcast guest & I talk about what it feels like being fused & training with a mace. Sara shares having a rotator cuff problem & how training with a mace has helped. We share our experiences of dancing with a mace from training with a mace, to not being coordinated. Sara talks about making a gala (the original mace) Training with a mace, doesn’t require you to start training with a mace.


Some of the benefits of training with a mace:

*Increasing balance *increasing stability *Increases strength *increases trunk strength *mace training isn’t about the load *if you love to dance you’ll love the mace



web: Adex 

Instagram: Sorenson Gadas How to make a gada or custom order

Related Links: 3 Free tips for back stretches created by Teresa Teuscher for Scoliosis back pain. Grab your free tips here Do you follow Teresa on Instagram yet? Head over to T3Fitt...

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Clea Taylor professional cellist

Uncategorized Dec 04, 2021
Born with a congenital heart defect. Her Scoliosis was found through her cardiologist at the age of 8.
She was closely monitored & by middle school she wound up wearing the Boston brace. She discovered “hellerwork” a deep tissue massage in the hopes that it would make her scoliosis go away. No one recommended any type of PT.
In ’98 she had surgery. She blocked a lot out, she does however share what she remembers. She wasn’t in pain prior to having surgery. 
It’s taken a while to figure out what is the answer for her new body. What she thought her body would be like post surgery. Learning to live with a fused spine has been challenging.
It wasn’t until being pregnant that gave her the opportunity to find the Scoliosis Community.
She shares how she has learned to take care of herself, getting massages & finding a program with a coach who is fused like herself.
“Once I started working patiently with...
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Luisa growing up with Scoliosis in Germany

Uncategorized Dec 03, 2021
Luisa is a German born personal trainer who lives in Dubai. At age 9, her curves were found while at school. She was sent home with a letter saying she needs to see an orthopedic. Every 6 months, she would be evaluated. She was given a variety prescriptions, from needling, to physical therapy, & being fitted for a brace. This was the beginning of her journey to see what it’s like to walk alone.
No one told her how to use the brace. Luisa was extremely disciplined doing her exercises & wearing her brace. After wearing it for 3 years, she watched her curves increase.
Feeling very “fertig” she smashed up her brace.
She became so depressed falling into a tunnel not just psychology but physically. The pain she endured was so much that she wanted to end her life. Eventually she found the courage to tell her parents & researched places for surgery.
She found Schoen Klinik in Luebeck. In her last X-ray, prior to just prior to surgery, it was...
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Dr Sara Schroth specialist with Scoliosis

Uncategorized Dec 03, 2021
Diagnosed in the 5th grade, she was referred to an orthopedic with an 11 degree curve. With her curves, & her mother having Scoliosis, they were met with a casual attitude. Not thinking much about her Scoliosis, she was asked by her boyfriend at the time, what’s wrong with you collar bone?
During this time, she was in school to become a physical therapist. “They didn’t really teach much about Scoliosis.” There was a gaping whole in her ability to treat people. After having an accident that kept her in pain for three years, questioning her ability to continue as a PT. She started practicing the BSPTS Schroth method.
One thing, she shares as an adult, “pain makes you really grumpy.” “Adults need more hope. This isn’t a quick fix.” She hopes that when someone sees an individual with Scoliosis working that it will allow that individual to rethink how they can move. What she hopes people take away,...
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Jen Gorman Fused dancer pilates instructor

Uncategorized Dec 02, 2021
At age 11, Jen's Scoliosis was discovered by her dance teacher. She went to a chiropractor who gave her a few exercises & took some images. She found out that the first images, her cobb angel wasn’t measured correctly.
From there she went to an orthopedic only being given the choices of  “wait & see” or get fitted for a brace. If she decided to move forward with surgery, her orthopedic would suggest a “selective thoracic fusion.”
With research, she found that Idaho only offered surgery using Herrington rods, where as California used a new CD method, known as the Cotrel Dubousset method “the cages.” 
Life as a dancer in her pre surgery, there was no pain. Post surgery she was in a brace 6 months. She doesn’t remember feeling her limitations which was due to her hyper mobility. By the time she was in high school is when the pain started.
It’s been 30+...
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Anthony corrections officer & his Scoliosis discovery

Uncategorized Nov 01, 2021

While on the job at a prison in NJ, he was putting out a fire. Having to have an x-ray for smoke inhalation he found out he had Scoliosis. 

He shares after going to different doctors, he would get different results. 

He tells us how his training has since evolved & adding the mace into his routine. 


I got into the mace, because of it’s “deep functional training.”

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