Spinal Fusion Mace Training with Sara, Clea, Kay & Emily

Uncategorized May 12, 2022

If you've been thinking about Mace Training & you're fused, listen to these stories! 

Sarah- born with Scoliosis, feeling limited, never interested in sports. In her mid 40’s she became interested in exercise. Through her journey, she learned about how unlimited she has been.Trying a little bit at time, she discovered she’s able to do almost everything. One day while out with her dogs in the woods, she picked up a stick & started moving it. After finding that it felt good, she made a 4 lb Gada. She currently swings 15lb. What she likes about the mace, “it’s stable. My whole body is working to keeping me upright, controlling the weight. It’s not just arms, it’s my whole core.”

Kay- growing up playing sports. At 18 he started going to the gym, lifting heavy. At 25, his hip started hurting, causing him to start limping. He started to deteriorate without being diagnosed. Eventually he went to the hospital....

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Ann Hince EFT & connective tissue

Uncategorized May 02, 2022
Born with her “right up against her right shin.” For the first 6 weeks of her life, she had physical therapy. Which “released” the stress in her foot.
Her adoptive parents having no prior knowledge of this, Ann would not find out until meeting her birth parents at age 17.
Ann believes that her journey with Scoliosis started from the nerve pain she had on her foot. As a child, she was pretty twisted. In her mid 20’s, she moved to California where she started to see a chiropractor. It was at this point she found out she had Scoliosis who told her she would always have to go to a chiropractor.
In her late 30’s she discovered EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) a “tapping method.” She used this method to dive further into her traumas resulting in her becoming calm & quiet. Continuing with this, she learned that every emotion has a sensation. Focusing on these points, she was able to “let go” & the thought became...
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What mace training has taught us

Uncategorized Mar 31, 2022
It’s been 5 years when starting with the mace. I’m not gonna lie, when I first started it was intimidating.

Having spinal limitation’s were definite causes for concern. I tried it on to see what I capable of.
One thing the mace has taught, is patience. To be present. It demands the action of firing your abdominal muscles. Having the philosophy our abs are a seed & from there we grow, is the primary foundation of working with the mace.
Our community of being fused & training with a mace is growing. People, now friends, started with a branch. They are now swinging 15lbs. They have muscle definition, their range of motion has increased. They have a good time as we watch each other grow.
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Carrie - it's funny how things happen

Uncategorized Mar 11, 2022
Carrie was inspired by my story she heard on a podcast. At the age of 14, Carries Scoliosis was discovered by her teacher. Dancing without any pain, she was able to do everything but when it was discovered is when her insecurities started flooding in, feeling more limited.
Her Scoliosis progressed. In class while doing a center split, her teacher looked at spine & said “not straight.”
Looking at her x ray, she had a “gentle c curve” of 20 degrees. She went to an orthopedic. They presented her with a fused skeletal spine & said you need surgery, here’s what’s going to happen.
She immediately when for a second opinion. Taking control of their decisions, her mom told the ortho, this is my daughter’s she’s going to be a ballerina, she has Scoliosis, what can you do for us? Her orthopedic saw her flexibility & stayed with “let’s wait & see. Keep doing what you’re doing.”
She continued with...
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Lisa Townsend A hair colorist journey to surgery

Uncategorized Mar 10, 2022
Diagnosed in her mid 40’s because of pain in her hip. After going to the doctor, they said her hip looks fine but “I think there is something wrong with your back. I think it’s Scoliosis.” Unsure what she should do, her doctor recommended going for pain management. She have nerve ablation, cortisone shots & physical therapy. It wasn’t until she had gone to the surgeon when she found out she had a 32 degree.

It took 2 years before she could even be cleared for surgery.
On Aug 1, 2016 she would have surgery. In 8 months her curve went from a 32 to 42 degrees. At age 51 she would have surgery. Post surgery, she was given a “turtle shell” (also known as, TLSO brace that she would wear for 12 weeks, 24/7 except for when she was lying down. She would require a tremendous amount of help from her husband. She was in the hospital for 2 weeks, 1 in hospital, 1 in rehab. Once she was home, her physical homework was to walk a mile.
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Letty Ferrer, A nanna's story of her daughter & granddaughter being diagnosed

Uncategorized Feb 16, 2022
On this episode, we welcome a very special guest, my mom. She shares her memories of what it was like when I was diagnosed, having surgery as well as when her granddaughter was diagnosed.
At the age of 10, my doctor noticed “something funny.” I was taken to the orthopedic where I was diagnosed & given a Milwaukee brace. It looked like a “torture chamber.” I had to buckle her up every day.
We went to Montauk to visit Letty’s mother who suggested getting a second opinion. Letty made an appointment with orthopedist Dr. Patrick O’Leary.
He offered a few suggestions, “do nothing, get an updated brace or have back surgery.”
Letty shares that I made the decision of wanting to wear the brace & do “the exercises.”
My curves increased. From April to May 19, they went from 46 to 50 degrees. Teresa would have 2 orthopedists performing this surgery Dr. O’Leary & Dr. Neuwirth.
Letty tells what it was like...
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Natalie, a mom tells her story of Scoliosis & pregnancy

Uncategorized Jan 31, 2022
Natalie & I connected through Back to Healing. She’s here to talk about her journey of being diagnosed to pregnancy and being the mom of two girls. Her curve was noticed during an annual school check. She was given prescriptions to go to a chiropractor, exercises, & get fitted for a brace when she was 9. She would wear her brace for 3 years.
She shares her experience of what it was like wearing a brace & how her friends would joke that she had ads of steal. Looking back, she admits it wasn’t as bad as she thought it would be. In 8th grade she went back for her check up. Her ortho said her curves had not increased. She threw the brace in the trash.
After high school. She got into a regular routine of work & school. That’s when the pain started to set in.
“I have pain every day. It’s so normal, that I don’t complain.”
She went for X-rays, to find out her curves increased to 65. She went to...
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Darlene Fashion model in NYC

Uncategorized Jan 11, 2022
Darlene started having back pain at age 5. At 8, she & her family noticed that she held her back pack differently then her sister.
“As soon as I put a book bag on my back, it felt weird. I didn’t feel even.”

When she was diagnosed, her curve wasn’t severe. She started a routine of exercising 2x a week with a professional but it didn’t last long.
Over time, her pain got worse from carrying books that she would use a wheeling back pack which wasn’t cool to be seen with. She would compensate by shifting her weight onto one side. She noticed the pain started to glide up her spine. She could feel the difference in her spine.
At age 15, she was fitted for a brace. After 2 years, she would stop wearing it. She found that wearing a velcro type brace, helped to keep her upright.
Being that Darlene is a fashion model, I asked how is it as a model with Scoliosis?
“I know how to hold a pose. Standing wearing heals, feeling pain in her...
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Kay Ola a story of strength & determination

Uncategorized Dec 30, 2021
At age 25, he was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. Always very fit, he started losing a lot of weight & became weak. His back started hurting. He was given pain killers to help with the pain. He went on a trip to Nigeria to help his parents business where he fainted. This would start a long journey of hospital visits. During one of those visits, he had an X-ray where his Scoliosis would be discovered. Being diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis & Scoliosis, “these conditions nearly took my life.”
His pain worsened to the point where he couldn’t move his neck. Having another X-ray, he found out his neck was broken. “We don’t know how you’re alive,” the doctors told him. The team of professionals asked what he did, coming to the conclusion that it was his strength training that kept him alive. His training methods took him on a journey of using unconventional modalities, in particular the mace, Indian clubs & slush ropes.
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Meredith Bionic Ballerina

Uncategorized Dec 28, 2021
Meredith Martin diagnosed at age 10 w 19 degrees & the let’s wait & see attitude. In 6 months her curve “shot up to 68 degrees” Never letting go of her career as a dancer. Her parents allowed her to make the decision of surgery to have it or not. She continued dancing, while wearing the spine core brace. At 21, she was cast in the musical Oklahoma which would require a 14 minute ballet sequence. The pain required a routine of decompressing using a heating pad & stretching.
Her curves increased to 73 degrees with 3 vertebra that had fused themselves together. Currently her back is still not completely flat with 2 rods & 24 screws.
Being told,  dancing will make your curves worse. but "dance is what saved my body. Your body has habits. Having hardware fused to your spine, doesn’t make the habits disappear."
What she would say the younger Meredith. How she dealt with & deals with the emotional...
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