Emotional Scoliosis Katelyn Carlson

Uncategorized Jun 20, 2022

Having a father who’s a chiropractor, Katelyn’s not sure when she was diagnosed. At 12, she knew her diagnosis was progressing requiring her to be fitted for a brace. Her life habits would also change, taking  bath with baking soda, seeing a chiropractor 3x a week, different exercises, eat a special diet, not allowed to participate in many sports. 

Her lumbar curve was in the 30’s, leaning her towards surgery. For her first year, she followed her new lifestyle. After a year, things started to tapper off. She switched out her brace, wearing the brace until she was 18. 

As time went on, she discovered the significance the brace took on. A girl who was confident running for class president, would be emotionally confined with the isolation of wearing her brace. 

One thing that helped her take this on, her best friends mom had scoliosis. As an adult she was thriving, living life, giving Katelyn comfort. 

Based on her experience, she was...

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Alayne model dancer

Uncategorized Jun 16, 2022

Diagnosed in junior high school, with toe touch test. She went to children’s hospital in Salt Lake City, where she would meet with 6 doctors. She did her PT, she did whatever they told her. “Sometimes it just gets worse.” Alayne would be wearing a brace for 5 years. After , they gave her about 3 years until she would puncture a lung. At 27, she had surgery.

Prior to surgery, she had a passion for ballroom dancing. Her S curve was 12 lumbar & 83 thoracic. Her twin sister showed no signs of for Scoliosis. Years later, Alayne would look back at family films, seeing her rib hump.

Wearing her brace for 23 hours a day, taught her early on to be a positive & uplifting, not allowing her curves to define her.

“Were you in pain? I don’t know the difference.” Managing books for school wasn’t easy. At the request of her school, they required her to take all her books home. She quickly found that if she had a smaller back pack, she didn’t...

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World Spine Outreach

Uncategorized Jun 13, 2022


Jan & Sarah are co founders of World Spine Outreach. A non for profit organization that has been a labor of love for 13 years. It started when Sarah, a physicians Orthopedic assistant & Jan, a head nurse of Neuro surgery in OR, traveled with hospital group.

After going on a trip of 14 days, with 7 days of surgery’s they felt the need to have to do more.  In 2008, they streamlined this idea & applied for 501c3.

Searching for a group to partner with, they came across the Butterfly foundation. Butterfly foundation is a small group who’s focus was in Dominican Republic. 

After teaming up the Butterfly foundation, they saw the lack of equipment as well as education in DR. Jan & Sarah started to focus on teaching. They along with the surgeons taught the residents to sterilize & how to sew, among other things. 

Since then they along their team have performed 600-700 surgeries. 

Butterly project loved what was happening, that...

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Chiropractor Dr Mandy Dietz - Behind the Brace

Uncategorized Jun 08, 2022

Dr. Mandy was brought on the scoliosis journey through her twin daughters & how they moved differently while playing on the swings. She would find out that her daughter was born with congenital Scoliosis.

During Dr Mandy’s schooling, there was training for Scoliosis but “not in the way it’s needed when managing this. They teach you the baseline.”


She has increased her training, allowing patients to have a very specific 3 dimensional over corrective brace.

She shares when she patients have scoliosis, they aren’t candidates for a brace, what are the next steps to be taken without having wait & see. Dr. Mandy’s method is delivered through what can be done at home. This can help to prevent progression increasing mobility in the spine helping to keep the nerves healthy. 

Everyone’s cases are different, so it’s important to start with a provider & take it from there. She shares that with the proper implementation,...

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Tina Parol Singer, Songwriter, Scoliosis & surgery

Uncategorized May 19, 2022

Diagnosed at age 11 after shooting up in height. Tina grew up in Buffalo where winters were cold. Wearing baggy clothes kept her curves hidden until she was screened by the school nurse. From there, she went to an orthopedic where she would be fitted for a brace. Being a type A, she was very disciplined. Wearing the brace temporarily helped stop her progressions. 

With this, she experienced the psychological aspects of wearing a brace. 

Her curve continued to increase resulting in being fitted for multiple braces. At age 16, her orthopedic said she could take her brace off.

She moved, feeling a sense of new freedom. Her curve at this point was in the 50’s. Not being in pain, her curve wasn’t impacting her organs, her orthopedic did not recommend surgery. 

Looking back, she shares that she pushed this under the rug, ignoring it. 

At 18, she went to NYU. Focused on school & her passion for music. She put her Scoliosis in the back of her mind....

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Spinal Fusion Mace Training with Sara, Clea, Kay & Emily

Uncategorized May 12, 2022

If you've been thinking about Mace Training & you're fused, listen to these stories! 

Sarah- born with Scoliosis, feeling limited, never interested in sports. In her mid 40’s she became interested in exercise. Through her journey, she learned about how unlimited she has been.Trying a little bit at time, she discovered she’s able to do almost everything. One day while out with her dogs in the woods, she picked up a stick & started moving it. After finding that it felt good, she made a 4 lb Gada. She currently swings 15lb. What she likes about the mace, “it’s stable. My whole body is working to keeping me upright, controlling the weight. It’s not just arms, it’s my whole core.”

Kay- growing up playing sports. At 18 he started going to the gym, lifting heavy. At 25, his hip started hurting, causing him to start limping. He started to deteriorate without being diagnosed. Eventually he went to the hospital....

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Ann Hince EFT & connective tissue

Uncategorized May 02, 2022
Born with her “right up against her right shin.” For the first 6 weeks of her life, she had physical therapy. Which “released” the stress in her foot.
Her adoptive parents having no prior knowledge of this, Ann would not find out until meeting her birth parents at age 17.
Ann believes that her journey with Scoliosis started from the nerve pain she had on her foot. As a child, she was pretty twisted. In her mid 20’s, she moved to California where she started to see a chiropractor. It was at this point she found out she had Scoliosis who told her she would always have to go to a chiropractor.
In her late 30’s she discovered EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) a “tapping method.” She used this method to dive further into her traumas resulting in her becoming calm & quiet. Continuing with this, she learned that every emotion has a sensation. Focusing on these points, she was able to “let go” & the thought became...
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What mace training has taught us

Uncategorized Mar 31, 2022
It’s been 5 years when starting with the mace. I’m not gonna lie, when I first started it was intimidating.

Having spinal limitation’s were definite causes for concern. I tried it on to see what I capable of.
One thing the mace has taught, is patience. To be present. It demands the action of firing your abdominal muscles. Having the philosophy our abs are a seed & from there we grow, is the primary foundation of working with the mace.
Our community of being fused & training with a mace is growing. People, now friends, started with a branch. They are now swinging 15lbs. They have muscle definition, their range of motion has increased. They have a good time as we watch each other grow.
Do you follow Teresa on Instagram yet? Head over to T3Fitt on Instagram and follow her and her team for additional content.
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Carrie - it's funny how things happen

Uncategorized Mar 11, 2022
Carrie was inspired by my story she heard on a podcast. At the age of 14, Carries Scoliosis was discovered by her teacher. Dancing without any pain, she was able to do everything but when it was discovered is when her insecurities started flooding in, feeling more limited.
Her Scoliosis progressed. In class while doing a center split, her teacher looked at spine & said “not straight.”
Looking at her x ray, she had a “gentle c curve” of 20 degrees. She went to an orthopedic. They presented her with a fused skeletal spine & said you need surgery, here’s what’s going to happen.
She immediately when for a second opinion. Taking control of their decisions, her mom told the ortho, this is my daughter’s she’s going to be a ballerina, she has Scoliosis, what can you do for us? Her orthopedic saw her flexibility & stayed with “let’s wait & see. Keep doing what you’re doing.”
She continued with...
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Lisa Townsend A hair colorist journey to surgery

Uncategorized Mar 10, 2022
Diagnosed in her mid 40’s because of pain in her hip. After going to the doctor, they said her hip looks fine but “I think there is something wrong with your back. I think it’s Scoliosis.” Unsure what she should do, her doctor recommended going for pain management. She have nerve ablation, cortisone shots & physical therapy. It wasn’t until she had gone to the surgeon when she found out she had a 32 degree.

It took 2 years before she could even be cleared for surgery.
On Aug 1, 2016 she would have surgery. In 8 months her curve went from a 32 to 42 degrees. At age 51 she would have surgery. Post surgery, she was given a “turtle shell” (also known as, TLSO brace that she would wear for 12 weeks, 24/7 except for when she was lying down. She would require a tremendous amount of help from her husband. She was in the hospital for 2 weeks, 1 in hospital, 1 in rehab. Once she was home, her physical homework was to walk a mile.
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