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Uncategorized Jun 20, 2022

Having a father who’s a chiropractor, Katelyn’s not sure when she was diagnosed. At 12, she knew her diagnosis was progressing requiring her to be fitted for a brace. Her life habits would also change, taking  bath with baking soda, seeing a chiropractor 3x a week, different exercises, eat a special diet, not allowed to participate in many sports. 

Her lumbar curve was in the 30’s, leaning her towards surgery. For her first year, she followed her new lifestyle. After a year, things started to tapper off. She switched out her brace, wearing the brace until she was 18. 

As time went on, she discovered the significance the brace took on. A girl who was confident running for class president, would be emotionally confined with the isolation of wearing her brace. 

One thing that helped her take this on, her best friends mom had scoliosis. As an adult she was thriving, living life, giving Katelyn comfort. 

Based on her experience, she was curious. The sensations, the emotional discoveries, the routine of wearing a brace & what life was like when that stopped. 

She moved back home to dive further into her discoveries studying yoga, becoming a massage therapist, Hakomi training. A  method of tuning into the body’s sensations a method she now offers to her clients & families. 

What she discovered her scoliosis journey has become a spiritual journey & all the components that tie into it, self worth, relationship worth, financial value….. 

What’s the long term impact of diagnosis.

Katelyn shares the importance of the vagus nerve, a nerve that runs through our body. When they light up, she translates that into how & where it is attacking. Using this method with clients units, gives empowerment. 

During our conversation, she shares about joining SRS in Spain & what that was like. She had the opportunity to speak with Dr. Rigo, “the quality of life doesn’t have to do with the curvature of your spine but everything to do with how you deal with the diagnosis physilogically.” 

Katelyn says to her younger self, you are doing a beautiful thing. 

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