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Diagnosed in junior high school, with toe touch test. She went to children’s hospital in Salt Lake City, where she would meet with 6 doctors. She did her PT, she did whatever they told her. “Sometimes it just gets worse.” Alayne would be wearing a brace for 5 years. After , they gave her about 3 years until she would puncture a lung. At 27, she had surgery.

Prior to surgery, she had a passion for ballroom dancing. Her S curve was 12 lumbar & 83 thoracic. Her twin sister showed no signs of for Scoliosis. Years later, Alayne would look back at family films, seeing her rib hump.

Wearing her brace for 23 hours a day, taught her early on to be a positive & uplifting, not allowing her curves to define her.

“Were you in pain? I don’t know the difference.” Managing books for school wasn’t easy. At the request of her school, they required her to take all her books home. She quickly found that if she had a smaller back pack, she didn’t have to.

Being a dancer & performing on dancing with the stars, in an open back dress, you could see her rib hump. 2 years later, she would need surgery. Her doctors told her, her career as a dancer was over. “I’m okay with that.” One last dance in the operating room with her surgeon.

Her life took a turn. While she was in the hospital, she turned to her dad. I’m okay. It was at that time that her thought process changed. She asked herself, what can I do to change my thought process? What do I get to do today?

On her first modeling shoot, people saw her scar. Their reaction shook her. What was her take away

“life is a recovery process.”

Where can you find Alayne:

Instagram: Iannie_lane

Youtube: Alayne Wadsworth

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