Spinal Fusion Mace Training with Sara, Clea, Kay & Emily

Uncategorized May 12, 2022

If you've been thinking about Mace Training & you're fused, listen to these stories! 

Sarah- born with Scoliosis, feeling limited, never interested in sports. In her mid 40’s she became interested in exercise. Through her journey, she learned about how unlimited she has been.Trying a little bit at time, she discovered she’s able to do almost everything. One day while out with her dogs in the woods, she picked up a stick & started moving it. After finding that it felt good, she made a 4 lb Gada. She currently swings 15lb. What she likes about the mace, “it’s stable. My whole body is working to keeping me upright, controlling the weight. It’s not just arms, it’s my whole core.”

Kay- growing up playing sports. At 18 he started going to the gym, lifting heavy. At 25, his hip started hurting, causing him to start limping. He started to deteriorate without being diagnosed. Eventually he went to the hospital. Eventually he was diagnosed with Scoliosis. He would later find out his neck was broken. Doctors surprised, telling him, you should be dead! Kay’s discipline of going to the gym, is what kept him alive.

Eventually having surgery, resulting in not being able to rotate. Continuing with traditional workouts, he was still in pain. He researched & found “rotational movement training” & Rik Brown. Kay started training with the mace & clubs. Using these modalities, he has put on weight, gaining strength. He now has a collection of mace’s & clubs.

Clea- diagnosed with Scoliosis at 12. She was fused at 14. Not being very athletic,  he never liked running. She always tried to do some exercise, “to stay fit” but having Scoliosis she had ups & downs. During the pandemic, she found TOPS (Twisted Outreach Program). 

Being a cello player, she’s sensitive about her shoulders and arms. “What If I tweak them? I won’t be able to play.”

Trying a few exercises with a broom from the membership portal, she saw that she could safely do them. She invested in a mace. For the 1st time, she has a daily exercise routine. She currently switches between the 5 & 7 lb mace. Before training with a mace, she “used to be closed up.” Her training has helped with her pain, increasing her strength & range of motion. 

Emily- In high school, she played field hockey. Complaining about her back, she was diagnosed with Scoliosis. After having a growth spurt, her curves were at 40/50 degrees. This would result in surgery.

Post surgery, it was recommended that she work with a personal trainer. Someone who has a background in ballet/pilates.

It was through her friend that she was able to find that match.

While not having access to a mace, she substituted it with a Didgeridoo. One of the first things she found while working with a mace substitute, “it’s fun! A lot of the moves are strengthening while stretching. This results in instant feedback of something that is feeling good to my body.”


On a final note, they share advise when starting with a mace

The weight of the mace is shockingly less than what you think you would use. Go slow learning & do not push yourself too hard too fast. 

Leave your ego at the door

Have fun with it! Don't feel limited by what you think you can do

It's worth it to commit, even if it's not a long practice

Don't underestimate the mace, it's more a holistic practice. See where it will take you


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