Tina Parol Singer, Songwriter, Scoliosis & surgery

Uncategorized May 19, 2022

Diagnosed at age 11 after shooting up in height. Tina grew up in Buffalo where winters were cold. Wearing baggy clothes kept her curves hidden until she was screened by the school nurse. From there, she went to an orthopedic where she would be fitted for a brace. Being a type A, she was very disciplined. Wearing the brace temporarily helped stop her progressions. 

With this, she experienced the psychological aspects of wearing a brace. 

Her curve continued to increase resulting in being fitted for multiple braces. At age 16, her orthopedic said she could take her brace off.

She moved, feeling a sense of new freedom. Her curve at this point was in the 50’s. Not being in pain, her curve wasn’t impacting her organs, her orthopedic did not recommend surgery. 

Looking back, she shares that she pushed this under the rug, ignoring it. 

At 18, she went to NYU. Focused on school & her passion for music. She put her Scoliosis in the back of her mind. 

It wasn’t until she started going on tour at age 20 that her pain started. She practiced Schroth. She got her yearly x-ray’s, seeing that her curve had not increased. After a while, she found that therapy wasn’t enough. At 31, her curves increased.

With an 88 degree curve, she decided with the support of her husband that surgery was her next step. Doing her research, she found a surgeon that was the right fit. 5 weeks later, she would be scheduled for surgery. “I had to do something about it before it was too late to do something about.”

“I had to face reality at this point. In my early 20’s, I didn’t want to face it. In my mid 20’s, I accepted it, taking action, PT, Schroth, working out…. In my late 20’s, something didn’t feel right.”

Post surgery she gained 4 inches in height, literally giving her a new perspective. There were however some complications, one of  her lungs had collapsed. Fluid had built along her spine. Recovery took longer than anticipated. One thing she discovered - how much her lungs had expanded. “The act of singing isn’t as physically as intense.”

Given the changes & complications she endured, “I would do it all again today!” After a few months, she was reminded why she took on this journey. “I feel the inner strength. I feel strong! I can strengthen. I can have a body that I don’t remember having.”

“Everything is balanced”

As a result of this journey, she has written a song, I AM A FIGHTER, to be released June 3rd. 

What is she looking forward to now?

Where can you find Tina: 

Instagram: TinaParol

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