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Uncategorized Jun 08, 2022

Dr. Mandy was brought on the scoliosis journey through her twin daughters & how they moved differently while playing on the swings. She would find out that her daughter was born with congenital Scoliosis.

During Dr Mandy’s schooling, there was training for Scoliosis but “not in the way it’s needed when managing this. They teach you the baseline.”


She has increased her training, allowing patients to have a very specific 3 dimensional over corrective brace.

She shares when she patients have scoliosis, they aren’t candidates for a brace, what are the next steps to be taken without having wait & see. Dr. Mandy’s method is delivered through what can be done at home. This can help to prevent progression increasing mobility in the spine helping to keep the nerves healthy. 

Everyone’s cases are different, so it’s important to start with a provider & take it from there. She shares that with the proper implementation, she has corrected curves. 

A few keys notes: early detection, using not just one implementation.

With utilizing her resources, Dr. Mandy’s was still limited. She flew to a chiropractic group based in Idaho where she & her daughter were introduced to the owner of Scolibrace. Using a Scolibrace for her daughter, she thought I don’t need this for my clinic. Word got out & her journey turned. 

Families were coming as a last resort. Sometimes it was too late. Families would see orthopedics, some of who gave patients very black & white responses. 

This is where Dr Mandy’s approach is different. Everyone is impacting by this diagnosis “so let’s deal with this as a whole, so that you can manage this.”

Her hope she wishes someone would never come to her & say, “I wish I would have known.”

Having one of her daughter’s be diagnosed, she never thought she would be on this journey 10 years later. 

For more of her journey providing for the Scoliosis community listen to her episode. 

Where can you find Dr. Mandy  Dietz? 

Instagram: Behindthebrace

Website: Behindthebrace

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