Lisa Townsend A hair colorist journey to surgery

Uncategorized Mar 10, 2022
Diagnosed in her mid 40’s because of pain in her hip. After going to the doctor, they said her hip looks fine but “I think there is something wrong with your back. I think it’s Scoliosis.” Unsure what she should do, her doctor recommended going for pain management. She have nerve ablation, cortisone shots & physical therapy. It wasn’t until she had gone to the surgeon when she found out she had a 32 degree.

It took 2 years before she could even be cleared for surgery.
On Aug 1, 2016 she would have surgery. In 8 months her curve went from a 32 to 42 degrees. At age 51 she would have surgery. Post surgery, she was given a “turtle shell” (also known as, TLSO brace that she would wear for 12 weeks, 24/7 except for when she was lying down. She would require a tremendous amount of help from her husband. She was in the hospital for 2 weeks, 1 in hospital, 1 in rehab. Once she was home, her physical homework was to walk a mile.
Her complete recovery would last 1 1/2 year. She lives pain free, standing 10-12 hrs a day. The confidence that she carries daily, “I’m really smart about what I do.” She describes what that means to her, I ride my bike, walk a lot, swim, uses a ‘mountain climber to stay active.
Being fused into her pelvis hasn’t stopped her with 2 14” rods & 20 screws into her spine & a screw in each pelvis.
Having surgery, “gave me back my life. I gained 2 inches”
I really respect what my surgeon did for me. This gave her the freedom for her to learn what smart decisions meant.
Where can you find Lisa? 
Instagram: Townsendhair
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