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Ann Hince EFT & connective tissue

Uncategorized May 02, 2022
Born with her “right up against her right shin.” For the first 6 weeks of her life, she had physical therapy. Which “released” the stress in her foot.
Her adoptive parents having no prior knowledge of this, Ann would not find out until meeting her birth parents at age 17.
Ann believes that her journey with Scoliosis started from the nerve pain she had on her foot. As a child, she was pretty twisted. In her mid 20’s, she moved to California where she started to see a chiropractor. It was at this point she found out she had Scoliosis who told her she would always have to go to a chiropractor.
In her late 30’s she discovered EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) a “tapping method.” She used this method to dive further into her traumas resulting in her becoming calm & quiet. Continuing with this, she learned that every emotion has a sensation. Focusing on these points, she was able to “let go” & the thought became “free.”
At some point during this journey, she found she could keep her awareness inside her body after the tension had released.
One day she was working on release tension in her abdominal area a place that felt like a black hole. She put her awareness on it, discovering the tension in her connective tissue from the right leg across her body up to her left cheek. What she discovered was that the “tension” was from the first 6 weeks of life.
How does this relate to her journey with Scoliosis? She believes that it started with her foot. She could feel the tension, pulling her hip down out of alignment. The connective tissue as Ann see’s it is what pulled her spine out of alignment. At the age of 55, she grew 1/2“.
Ann shares what it is to release tension, what it feels like & how she practices on a consistent basis.
How has her life changed through this? “It’s a lightning of the burden.”
Where can you find Ann?
Face Book: Ann Hince
YouTube: AnnHince
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Do you follow Teresa on Instagram yet? Head over to T3Fitt on Instagram and follow her and her team for additional content.

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