Dr Sara Schroth specialist with Scoliosis

Uncategorized Dec 02, 2021
Diagnosed in the 5th grade, she was referred to an orthopedic with an 11 degree curve. With her curves, & her mother having Scoliosis, they were met with a casual attitude. Not thinking much about her Scoliosis, she was asked by her boyfriend at the time, what’s wrong with you collar bone?
During this time, she was in school to become a physical therapist. “They didn’t really teach much about Scoliosis.” There was a gaping whole in her ability to treat people. After having an accident that kept her in pain for three years, questioning her ability to continue as a PT. She started practicing the BSPTS Schroth method.
One thing, she shares as an adult, “pain makes you really grumpy.” “Adults need more hope. This isn’t a quick fix.” She hopes that when someone sees an individual with Scoliosis working that it will allow that individual to rethink how they can move. What she hopes people take away,...
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Jen Gorman Fused dancer pilates instructor

Uncategorized Dec 02, 2021
At age 11, Jen's Scoliosis was discovered by her dance teacher. She went to a chiropractor who gave her a few exercises & took some images. She found out that the first images, her cobb angel wasn’t measured correctly.
From there she went to an orthopedic only being given the choices of  “wait & see” or get fitted for a brace. If she decided to move forward with surgery, her orthopedic would suggest a “selective thoracic fusion.”
With research, she found that Idaho only offered surgery using Herrington rods, where as California used a new CD method, known as the Cotrel Dubousset method “the cages.” 
Life as a dancer in her pre surgery, there was no pain. Post surgery she was in a brace 6 months. She doesn’t remember feeling her limitations which was due to her hyper mobility. By the time she was in high school is when the pain started.
It’s been 30+...
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Anthony corrections officer & his Scoliosis discovery

Uncategorized Nov 01, 2021

While on the job at a prison in NJ, he was putting out a fire. Having to have an x-ray for smoke inhalation he found out he had Scoliosis. 

He shares after going to different doctors, he would get different results. 

He tells us how his training has since evolved & adding the mace into his routine. 


I got into the mace, because of it’s “deep functional training.”

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Carlos Leon, Father & his daughter Lourdes

Uncategorized Oct 29, 2021

On this episode, we go outside the box, talking with Carlos Leon. He shares his story of when his daughter was diagnosed & the emotional tunnel he went through.

Training his daughter, while working with her team has been essential in helping him to understand Scoliosis. 


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Pilates with Allie

Uncategorized Jul 05, 2021

On this Episode we welcome Allie, a scoliosis surgery pilates teacher.

She shares her story of being diagnosed at 13 with 43/40 degrees & no pain

Going to Emery spine center in Georgia & being a ginny pig for an experimental brace.


After wearing the brace for 3 months, her curves increased to 52/48

In 2007 she when she was a high school freshman, she found out she would need surgery.

In May she was diagnosed by December she was already fused being in the hospital for only 4 days!

Bringing a pillow to school was necessary because sitting on school chairs was too painful.

She has only recently started to process the whirl wind of what happened.

She was 14 when she had surgery. 

This December will be her 14 year mark of being fused. She shares what 14 years post surgery has been like & what she has learned.


It’s not your fault

Take this one day at a time

Allow yourself to feel the feelings, all of them.


How she turned to fitness...

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The Slay Coach tells her story

Uncategorized Jun 14, 2021


On this episode I talk with Jamie,  The SlayCoach

Here are just a few things this fire ball shares with us: 

Being diagnosed at age 10 

being punched in the stomach with abs of steel & flat butt

At 15 she had a 36 degree curve she was told you’re done growing, you can stop wearing the brace. 

A few months after she stopped wearing her brace, she experienced pain, breathing became hard.

“I felt uncomfortable in my bones 

*Her curves went from 36 to 57 in a few months. 

*Having the support of friends to help bathe. 

*One of biggest morning points is it being harder to stretch

“I’ve never stopped missing being able to bend backwards.”

*Works with a chiropractor 

*Started working out to impress a guy who became her future husband. Along the way had a journey of self discovery along the way. 

*Wondering what  my 60 year old self would look like?

*Finding functional exercises was...

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ABT dancer Faye Viviana

Uncategorized Jun 10, 2021

On this episode we welcome, Faye Viviana a former professional ABT dancer.

She shares her journey from being diagnosed with Scoliosis, to being in blinded in pain. 

At 16 she was being told she would need surgery & what that was like being with ABT in NYC

When I was dancing I wasn’t in pain. When I wore my brace at night the pain set in.

Landing from a jump, I would go blind from pain

Partnering in dance & the frustrations that came along with it.

How costume fitting became had to be tailored to her specifically 

Feeling that her back made other peoples lives harder.

What it was like when she met Wendy Whelan

The feelings that came along with being faced to look at her back every day. 

Finding that Feldenkrais was the quickest quick fix 

How she was able to hold her curves. Finding herself in a dark place thinking about how she could magically fix her back. 

Her pain became crippling until she found the Scoliosis SOS clinic in London.

How her...

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Michelle Shapiro Holistic Registered Dietitian

Uncategorized May 28, 2021

Michelle Shapiro Holistic Registered Dietitian based in NYC


On this episode we switch gears talking about the food components that can help or aggravate our curves based on what we put into our bodies.

Michelle brakes down what a Holistic Registered Dietitian is. 

She talks about functional nutrition. The root cause.What are the reasons for your symptoms. 

*Whole body nutrition. 

*Our bodies are messengers. 

*She’s a believer of body neutrality which means I may not love this right now but I can accept how I feel at this moment. This can automatically reduce our pain & anxiety

*What type of foods that can create bloating, 

*Why it’s important at the speed in which we eat. 

*Two key points to look at with food & scoliosis, do you have inflammation, are you boated?

*A reference point she suggests is fodmap 

*You have the power to make change

**Bonus: What she thinks about the air fryer & a secret she shares with us on...

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Shano Nebel Rassmussen from Denmark

Uncategorized May 20, 2021

He extraordinary story in a nutshell. Here are just a few things he shares with us. 


He first recognized something wasn’t right at the age of 7 but was told, it’s nothing you’re a boy.

At 13 he had his first back spasm which shut his body down which then opened his parents eyes that something was wrong. 


He drove to the nearest hospital, an hour away where he sat & waited for 3/4 hours to be seen. 

When he was seen the doctor said you’re harder here then there, one angle wing is popping out but not the other. I can give you a shot but the pain came back

From there, life changed. He traded in  hanging out with his friends to being in pain & going to the hospital weekly for general physical therapy.

After 2 1/2 years, he finally got first X-ray. 6 months later, he would see a scoliosis specialist. 

Every 6 months going for an X-ray & having to wait 6 months to discuss the X-ray. Being told the same thing.


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Emily from Build Breathe Pilates

Uncategorized May 14, 2021

On today's episode we welcome, Emily from Build Breathe Pilates based in the UK. 


Here are a few things Emily shares about her story & the clients she has met along the way.

Diagnosed at 14 & immediately put onto the waiting list for surgery. She had a spinal fusion from T4-L5. Post surgery she was left to her own devices.

For the first 5-6 years her struggle with pain was daily.

*On her spinal fusion journey,  she discovered one of things she considered’s best part.

*What she since learned is about is the emotional recovery and what that means. 

*She talks about the emotional components while living in the UK & what that comes with.

*Surgery isn’t the be to end all & that was part of the struggle. 

*The emotional acceptance is long term. 

*The commonalities she shares with her clients. 

*Organizations she works with outside of the scoliosis community.

“Counseling needs to be added to the process.”


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