Dr Sara Schroth specialist with Scoliosis

Uncategorized Dec 02, 2021
Diagnosed in the 5th grade, she was referred to an orthopedic with an 11 degree curve. With her curves, & her mother having Scoliosis, they were met with a casual attitude. Not thinking much about her Scoliosis, she was asked by her boyfriend at the time, what’s wrong with you collar bone?
During this time, she was in school to become a physical therapist. “They didn’t really teach much about Scoliosis.” There was a gaping whole in her ability to treat people. After having an accident that kept her in pain for three years, questioning her ability to continue as a PT. She started practicing the BSPTS Schroth method.
One thing, she shares as an adult, “pain makes you really grumpy.” “Adults need more hope. This isn’t a quick fix.” She hopes that when someone sees an individual with Scoliosis working that it will allow that individual to rethink how they can move. What she hopes people take away, “you’re unlimited in where you go, you just have to push yourself there.”
Where can you find Dr Sarah?
Instagram: Kinetic.studio.pt
web: www.kineticstudiopt.com/
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