Scoliosis surgery Mace training

Uncategorized Dec 04, 2021

What it’s like training with a mace & being fused Sara, a former podcast guest & I talk about what it feels like being fused & training with a mace. Sara shares having a rotator cuff problem & how training with a mace has helped. We share our experiences of dancing with a mace from training with a mace, to not being coordinated. Sara talks about making a gala (the original mace) Training with a mace, doesn’t require you to start training with a mace.


Some of the benefits of training with a mace:

*Increasing balance *increasing stability *Increases strength *increases trunk strength *mace training isn’t about the load *if you love to dance you’ll love the mace



web: Adex 

Instagram: Sorenson Gadas How to make a gada or custom order

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