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Uncategorized Jul 05, 2021

On this Episode we welcome Allie, a scoliosis surgery pilates teacher.

She shares her story of being diagnosed at 13 with 43/40 degrees & no pain

Going to Emery spine center in Georgia & being a ginny pig for an experimental brace.


After wearing the brace for 3 months, her curves increased to 52/48

In 2007 she when she was a high school freshman, she found out she would need surgery.

In May she was diagnosed by December she was already fused being in the hospital for only 4 days!

Bringing a pillow to school was necessary because sitting on school chairs was too painful.

She has only recently started to process the whirl wind of what happened.

She was 14 when she had surgery. 

This December will be her 14 year mark of being fused. She shares what 14 years post surgery has been like & what she has learned.


It’s not your fault

Take this one day at a time

Allow yourself to feel the feelings, all of them.


How she turned to fitness and what it has done for her

What makes her different, she lives with a fused spine making her relatable to spinal fused clients.


Lastly here are a few take aways she shares:

Give yourself grace

Understand that things will be different

Celebrate those differences


Where can you find Allie?

Instagram pilates.with.allie

Web pilateswithallie.com



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