Jen Gorman Fused dancer pilates instructor

Uncategorized Dec 02, 2021
At age 11, Jen's Scoliosis was discovered by her dance teacher. She went to a chiropractor who gave her a few exercises & took some images. She found out that the first images, her cobb angel wasn’t measured correctly.
From there she went to an orthopedic only being given the choices of  “wait & see” or get fitted for a brace. If she decided to move forward with surgery, her orthopedic would suggest a “selective thoracic fusion.”
With research, she found that Idaho only offered surgery using Herrington rods, where as California used a new CD method, known as the Cotrel Dubousset method “the cages.” 
Life as a dancer in her pre surgery, there was no pain. Post surgery she was in a brace 6 months. She doesn’t remember feeling her limitations which was due to her hyper mobility. By the time she was in high school is when the pain started.
It’s been 30+ years since her surgery. The way she moves has changed significantly. 
A final thought she shares with us:
"Continue to explore your journey with Scoliosis as your body changes. Continue to move & don’t sweat the small stuff."
"I wasn’t given a lot of limitations. I had to find them."
Where can you find Jen?
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