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Angele having surgery in France & her biggest concerns

Uncategorized Dec 07, 2021
Was first introduced to Scoliosis by her sister who was diagnosed. Angele’s curves started at the age of 10 with a 60 & 55 curves. At age 14 she would be wearing a brace for the next 5 years but wasn’t very good at it. She would use any excuse to take it off.
She did not live in pain while her curves increased. 18 years later, she made the choice to have surgery.

What she focuses on in her daily life, learning how to live in her new body, how to manage pain. Sometimes sharing some of her most private things through social media.
Having had her surgery in France, she remembers what her biggest fear was, how long she was in the hospital & her concerns about coming back to the States.
She shares what she anticipated on how she thought she would be post surgery.
What life is like now, what is her new normal.
Along the way, she’s learned “being very kind to myself mentally & physically.”
She shares the WHY of choosing to have surgery
"What do I want to do today vs what am I expected to do today?”
Where can you find Angele:
Instagram: LivingwithScoliosis
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