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Luisa growing up with Scoliosis in Germany

Uncategorized Dec 03, 2021
Luisa is a German born personal trainer who lives in Dubai. At age 9, her curves were found while at school. She was sent home with a letter saying she needs to see an orthopedic. Every 6 months, she would be evaluated. She was given a variety prescriptions, from needling, to physical therapy, & being fitted for a brace. This was the beginning of her journey to see what it’s like to walk alone.
No one told her how to use the brace. Luisa was extremely disciplined doing her exercises & wearing her brace. After wearing it for 3 years, she watched her curves increase.
Feeling very “fertig” she smashed up her brace.
She became so depressed falling into a tunnel not just psychology but physically. The pain she endured was so much that she wanted to end her life. Eventually she found the courage to tell her parents & researched places for surgery.
She found Schoen Klinik in Luebeck. In her last X-ray, prior to just prior to surgery, it was discovered that she only had 4 lumbar vertebrae.
She was scheduled to have surgery with a few options given allowing her to have spinal mobility. Along the way, there would be a few problems. One of them was they woke her up during the surgery to make sure there wasn’t any nerve damage down her legs. “I had to move my legs hard.” It felt like a dream but her file proved it wasn’t.
Post surgery, she couldn’t walk, she was throwing up. She found ways to have a positive mindset. She had so many questions & no one could give her answers.
“I lost a lot of my childhood with Scoliosis & living with a brace, wearing baggy/boys pants classmates being mean, throwing food & stones at me.”
Jumping forward, Luisa tells us how she became a trainer. With the process & requirements that Germany requires on what type of work you can do, she was limited.
It took her 6 years to find that she could do a sit up!
For the past 2 years, she hasn’t needed to take ANY medication! She is now mostly pain free.
“it’s from day to day that you notice the little things that you are able to do differently.”
Where can you find Luisa:
Instagram: fit_with_lui
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