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Clea Taylor professional cellist

Uncategorized Dec 04, 2021
Born with a congenital heart defect. Her Scoliosis was found through her cardiologist at the age of 8.
She was closely monitored & by middle school she wound up wearing the Boston brace. She discovered “hellerwork” a deep tissue massage in the hopes that it would make her scoliosis go away. No one recommended any type of PT.
In ’98 she had surgery. She blocked a lot out, she does however share what she remembers. She wasn’t in pain prior to having surgery. 
It’s taken a while to figure out what is the answer for her new body. What she thought her body would be like post surgery. Learning to live with a fused spine has been challenging.
It wasn’t until being pregnant that gave her the opportunity to find the Scoliosis Community.
She shares how she has learned to take care of herself, getting massages & finding a program with a coach who is fused like herself.
“Once I started working patiently with a mace, I realized it didn’t hurt my back.”
My arms can go above my head since working with the mace which they hadn’t been able to do previously. I have shoulder definition for the first time.
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