Australian singer, Aylson Murray talks about breathing techniques with her Scoliosis

Uncategorized Apr 21, 2021

On this episode of the T3fitt Scoliosis Podcast, let’s welcome singer Australian singer Alyson Murray. 

Here are a few things she talks about with her Scoliosis journey. 

*How her diagnosis with Scoliosis was discovered when she was 13, you might find it quite unusual

*One of her biggest concerns she had when she was prepping for surgery. 

*What life was like just after surgery. How she walked with her feet crossing over

*How her curves & fusion affected her life as a singer

*Why she thought about going in for a second surgery & then decided not to

*How she learned to expand her breathing 

*How her Scoliosis changed the way she writes her music & how it changed her vocal changes

*She’s sees so many of the benefits

*She talks about the various surgeries & the one she had & didn’t have

*Knowing how your body works & what she could do, ie triathlon

*What she told she shouldn’t do

*What it’s like in Australia vs being in the States


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We’ll see you on the next episode. 


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