Michelle Shapiro Holistic Registered Dietitian

Uncategorized May 28, 2021

Michelle Shapiro Holistic Registered Dietitian based in NYC


On this episode we switch gears talking about the food components that can help or aggravate our curves based on what we put into our bodies.

Michelle brakes down what a Holistic Registered Dietitian is. 

She talks about functional nutrition. The root cause.What are the reasons for your symptoms. 

*Whole body nutrition. 

*Our bodies are messengers. 

*She’s a believer of body neutrality which means I may not love this right now but I can accept how I feel at this moment. This can automatically reduce our pain & anxiety

*What type of foods that can create bloating, 

*Why it’s important at the speed in which we eat. 

*Two key points to look at with food & scoliosis, do you have inflammation, are you boated?

*A reference point she suggests is fodmap 

*You have the power to make change

**Bonus: What she thinks about the air fryer & a secret she shares with us on using it


Where can you find Michelle: 

Instagram: Michells Shapiro rd

www. Michelle Sharpiro rd



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We’ll see you on the next episode. 


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