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Darlene Fashion model in NYC

Uncategorized Jan 11, 2022
Darlene started having back pain at age 5. At 8, she & her family noticed that she held her back pack differently then her sister.
“As soon as I put a book bag on my back, it felt weird. I didn’t feel even.”

When she was diagnosed, her curve wasn’t severe. She started a routine of exercising 2x a week with a professional but it didn’t last long.
Over time, her pain got worse from carrying books that she would use a wheeling back pack which wasn’t cool to be seen with. She would compensate by shifting her weight onto one side. She noticed the pain started to glide up her spine. She could feel the difference in her spine.
At age 15, she was fitted for a brace. After 2 years, she would stop wearing it. She found that wearing a velcro type brace, helped to keep her upright.
Being that Darlene is a fashion model, I asked how is it as a model with Scoliosis?
“I know how to hold a pose. Standing wearing heals, feeling pain in her hips, I’m able to ignore the pain.”
What she would say to someone get up every day, don’t allow yourself to be stuck. Life goes on.
Where can you find Darlene?
Instagram: Darlene_x0x0
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