Meredith Bionic Ballerina

Uncategorized Dec 28, 2021
Meredith Martin diagnosed at age 10 w 19 degrees & the let’s wait & see attitude. In 6 months her curve “shot up to 68 degrees” Never letting go of her career as a dancer. Her parents allowed her to make the decision of surgery to have it or not. She continued dancing, while wearing the spine core brace. At 21, she was cast in the musical Oklahoma which would require a 14 minute ballet sequence. The pain required a routine of decompressing using a heating pad & stretching.
Her curves increased to 73 degrees with 3 vertebra that had fused themselves together. Currently her back is still not completely flat with 2 rods & 24 screws.
Being told,  dancing will make your curves worse. but "dance is what saved my body. Your body has habits. Having hardware fused to your spine, doesn’t make the habits disappear."
What she would say the younger Meredith. How she dealt with & deals with the emotional space of being fused & having scoliosis. “Scoliosis is a part of who I am. It’s a BEAUTIFUL part of who I am.”
Where can you Meredith:
Instagram: bionic_ballerina
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