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Simply Simone

Uncategorized Dec 16, 2021
Her story starts in the 5th grade
The first joke she encountered was told she had “Schooliosis”
In middle school she met with her orthopedic who introduced her to the thought of wearing a brace.
Choosing not to brace, the pain she endured & progressed. What it was like going to church & sitting in the pews.
She was told as you grow so does your curve. She had stopped growing but her curve didn’t. With a 45 curve, she would be fused.
Having surgery in Texas living her every day life, she didn’t feel pain until coming to NYC & experiencing the cold vacuum like winds & icy streets.
How was life different post surgery? I can’t get into anyone’s mind expect my own.
Post surgery helped solidify her new chapter of friends.
What she was told she could & couldn’t do? Wondering "Is their a single source of truth to this.”
What she does for herself.
Finding the beauty that you have.
Celebrate your difference.
A phrase she keeps close: Wabbi Sabi, Embrace your flaws.
Where can you find Simone?
Instagram: SimplySimone
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