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Lou Faustin Power lifter, competitor

Uncategorized Dec 14, 2021
Lou's story started in 9th grade when she & her sister were getting ready for track. Her sister came up behind her “what’s wrong with your back?!” asking as a teenager sister would in front of everyone.
She went to an orthopedic & chiropractor being filled with “false promises.” She remembers the love hate relationships between those professionals.
She noticed that as a kid she shifted her weight to one side. After time what she realized was her body wasn’t showing weakness, it’s just how she was & is.
Not being comfortable to have surgery, she made the decision to stick with the chiropractor.
After being aligned, she felt great but quickly found out that it was just a “placebo affect.”
Knowing she always had a passion for muscle definition she loved seeing how strong bodies could become.  Her father got a membership & asked if she wanted to be his gym buddy.
She started competing, she found the tricks on how to cover her curves. Place the hair perfectly to hide her curves. As she progressed, posing would change, showing her back not having her hair in the way. “That scared me.” The judges loved her, but there was her back.
In Belgium, things were a little different. She hired a posing coach who taught her stand.
She’s not just a competitor, she’s also a power lifter.
While she loves body building, she openly discusses that there is no one size fits all.
Where can you find Lou:
Instagram: lufaustinpro
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