Natalie, a mom tells her story of Scoliosis & pregnancy

Uncategorized Jan 31, 2022
Natalie & I connected through Back to Healing. She’s here to talk about her journey of being diagnosed to pregnancy and being the mom of two girls. Her curve was noticed during an annual school check. She was given prescriptions to go to a chiropractor, exercises, & get fitted for a brace when she was 9. She would wear her brace for 3 years.
She shares her experience of what it was like wearing a brace & how her friends would joke that she had ads of steal. Looking back, she admits it wasn’t as bad as she thought it would be. In 8th grade she went back for her check up. Her ortho said her curves had not increased. She threw the brace in the trash.
After high school. She got into a regular routine of work & school. That’s when the pain started to set in.
“I have pain every day. It’s so normal, that I don’t complain.”
She went for X-rays, to find out her curves increased to 65. She went to a chiropractor “here & there.” She went to yoga. That was something that helped because of stretching.
When she got married, insecurity set in. When she & her husband decided to have a family, she was concerned withe the strain that would be added to her Scoliosis.
She knew that she wanted to have 2 children. She got a professional opinion. They explained, “go for it, but your curves could increase.”
When she got pregnant with her first child, she didn’t even have time to think about her back though she did experience pain. For her second pregnancy, the pain increased requiring that her husband massage her back regularly.
She could tell her curves were increasing. She went back to get an x-ray only to confirm she was correct. Her curves increased to 80 degrees.
She shares how she has felt helpless. “Not that doctors are bad, but no one discussed what I should do.”
Currently her curve is at 81. She feels her curves now more than ever being a mom of two toddlers. Being active with her girls helps to subside the pain. It’s at night when she’s still that it really sets in.
Joining a gym has helped her manage the pain. She is open that sometimes she does have to limit herself because her pain can escalate.
She started on her journey of exploring her spine when she created Kats.nats with her friend to empower women. Being that her husband is a photographer, he was on board to help showing her spine in the most powerful form.
What she wants people to know, “I’ve had Scoliosis for a very long time, I still did sports. Sometimes I still get insecure.”
If she would meet someone who has been diagnosed, one things she would ask them. How did you handle your Scoliosis? Is there anything they regretted? She would like to ask someone who has lived with Scoliosis, how was it? What did they go through?
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