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Kay Ola a story of strength & determination

Uncategorized Dec 30, 2021
At age 25, he was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. Always very fit, he started losing a lot of weight & became weak. His back started hurting. He was given pain killers to help with the pain. He went on a trip to Nigeria to help his parents business where he fainted. This would start a long journey of hospital visits. During one of those visits, he had an X-ray where his Scoliosis would be discovered. Being diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis & Scoliosis, “these conditions nearly took my life.”
His pain worsened to the point where he couldn’t move his neck. Having another X-ray, he found out his neck was broken. “We don’t know how you’re alive,” the doctors told him. The team of professionals asked what he did, coming to the conclusion that it was his strength training that kept him alive. His training methods took him on a journey of using unconventional modalities, in particular the mace, Indian clubs & slush ropes.
Using these tools, offered him new possibilities in his strength training methods. “Finding this new way of movement, helped a lot.” He found these new methods through David Weck, Rik Brown, Leo Savage. In 2019, he started working with his 1st mace. His journey continued of physical challenges, but his drive was stronger than allowing his limitations take over. Having a group of friends for support, who said you need to NOT sit down, be pro active!  “simple words can go a long way to the right ears.” “Limitation is just an opinion.” Before he started working out his pain would be at an 11. Since he’s been training with the mace, clubs & ropes, his pain levels are at a 3/10. “It’s a miracle to movement. You don’t realize how much you’ve restricted yourself to moving in straight lines.” Ola Kay is his name & what it translates to “god brings joy” is what he lives by. 
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