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Damian Bailey

Uncategorized Dec 16, 2021
Damian & his twin brother diagnosed at 12 with Severe Scoliosis. By the time they were in high school, they were both wearing a brace.
They would both given a brace that they were supposed to wear 24 hrs.
What they were supposed to do & did, were two very different things. When their braces arrived, they were mis matched. Damian was given Jeramine’s brace & Jermaine Damian’s. From 14-17, their orthopedist said if you don’t have surgery, your curves will only increase. Damian was already walking with elevated levels. Him & his brother would have back to back surgeries. Recovery lasted about 3 months. Before he knew it, Damian was back to running & playing basketball.
His recovery would require him to lay face down.
At the age of 21 he started working out primarily focusing on muscle gain. He reflects in hindsight that if pilates or yoga had been introduced, he would have been able to maintain some of his flexibility.
Recently Damian had hip surgery. His orthopedist at the time, mentioned that down the road his brother, not him would have arthritis & requiring a hip replacement.
He proudly says that his surgeries are his battle scars. Sharing with his clients, don’t be ashamed of your scars, wear them with honor!
I asked if he was ashamed when he was diagnosed, he wasn’t but “felt embarrassed for his mom, like I let her down.”
He currently resides in PA which requires a lot of driving. This impacts his spine, along with his recovery from his recently surgery.
Having Scoliosis doesn’t mean you shouldn’t workout, on the contrary, work out! You might notice your imbalances a little more, one pec not as developed as the other.
“The goal is to move! keep moving!
Be validated, to love yourself.
Something he always telling himself, ”if I wobble when I walk, something’s wrong.”
Do your research, “you make your chapters in your life!”
Where can you find Damian:
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