Anabel De Wilde

In this episode, we’re going to across the pond! One day, while lifting her school bag onto her right shoulder, her mom asked, what’s that on your back? Noticing her ribcage being twisted. They went to a doctor who confirmed she had Scoliosis with a 30/35 degree curve. Her curves quickly increased. At that time, there was no pilates, no yoga. Everything was sports driven.

Living in a lot of pain & no exercises, it got worse. At age 15, she ended up having “full corrective surgery” of 12 + hours for her first surgery where she would have Harrington rods. Surgery was complicated, 4 ribs removed & 2 liters blood loss. She’s never forgotten that moment.

After surgery, with multiple scars, she found out she’s prone to Keyloid scars (when your body produces too much tissue).

Recovery took about a year. One of the hardest things was sitting up. It was at this time, her dad thought she should be moving better, living a more “normal”...

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David Butler Schroth therapist & owner of Align Therapy

Welcome to T3fitt Scoliosis Podcast. Today our guest is David Butler, a physical therapist, Schroth & C’s specialist based in Utah. 



What he shares:

His history in orthopedics how he was introduced to Scoliosis 

Why he became attracted to spine treatment The different types of therapy’s he uses for Scoliosis patients

At what point does the conversation change from doing therapy 

The importance of asking patients “what’s the big deal” 

Why therapy is important.A story that stuck with him

Do something vs nothing.


Where you can find David & his team of therapists:

youtube: aligntherapyutah 

instagram: aligntherapy.lehi

[email protected]


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