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In this episode, we’re going to across the pond! One day, while lifting her school bag onto her right shoulder, her mom asked, what’s that on your back? Noticing her ribcage being twisted. They went to a doctor who confirmed she had Scoliosis with a 30/35 degree curve. Her curves quickly increased. At that time, there was no pilates, no yoga. Everything was sports driven.

Living in a lot of pain & no exercises, it got worse. At age 15, she ended up having “full corrective surgery” of 12 + hours for her first surgery where she would have Harrington rods. Surgery was complicated, 4 ribs removed & 2 liters blood loss. She’s never forgotten that moment.

After surgery, with multiple scars, she found out she’s prone to Keyloid scars (when your body produces too much tissue).

Recovery took about a year. One of the hardest things was sitting up. It was at this time, her dad thought she should be moving better, living a more “normal” life. They went to get an X-ray just to “make sure everything was okay.” They found that 2 screws where lose in the lower region and that they were grating her spine. The only answer was to revisit surgery.

She went forward with the surgery. Recovery was again slow. Since surgery, has a lumbar curve forming. She is still living with Kyphosis.

She now lives with her scars looking at them as beautiful. This has helped her to find new therapies, & possibly revisiting surgery.

There are things you can do to help. If I could pick one thing, it’s the mindset, the affirmations, the repetitions. Keeping the balance.

I love who I am. I’m connected to my body. I’m concocted to my heart. I’m connected to my soul. I am safe. I am grounded in my body. I know I am enough.

If you focus on what you don’t want, then you’ll never get what you do want.

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