I help people with scoliosis and fused spines feel strong and move with ease.

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Teresa Teuscher

I am a native New Yorker who grew up in a theatrical family. As a young girl, I studied ballet  at The American Ballet School & Joffrey Ballet. At the age of 10, I was diagnosed with Scoliosis which would lead to surgery. Due to limited post surgery physical therapy treatments, I developed my own exercises & methods on how to move.
This would result in my keen interest in the body & exploring the most effective techniques & principles of my physical well being, while coming to terms with the emotional challenges of my bodies limitations.
After my daughter was born, I became a personal trainer & group fitness instructor. I work with a diverse group, ranging from teenagers (including my daughter who was diagnosed with Scoliosis), adults & mature adults.
Some of my specialties include being able to relate to my clients who are emotionally challenged by their physical limitations.
My mission & goal is to empower people to move safely & pain free. I customize effective, challenging workouts of strength, mobility & flexibility using different modalities. To work with me, you will learn how to use kettle bells, free weights, body weight (perfect for traveling) the Mace & clubs.

"I feel calm and strong...a solid combination with my spinal fusion."


"Love how mace training engages my body and mind in a different way. It activates so many muscles and the novelty makes it fun. Teresa is such a great teacher and her passion for mace makes me excited to learn from here. "


"I love that you actually understand what feels like to train with a titanium spine. You know what corrections to give me."

"I'm stronger than I've been & I used to work out every day."


"All workouts are core workouts…. More how to use kettle bells and starting with the club. I don’t have the confidence yet to do it on my own but really appreciate them be incorporated into my sessions with Teresa."


"I hired Teresa because I have moderate to severe Scoliosis. Maintaining my overall and spinal strength is crucial for living a pain free lifestyle. Teresa understands that. Teresa is uniquely positioned to teach & train people. She has extensive knowledge due to her personal experiences." "


"I really enjoy working with you and using your videos. You were the first person I talked to in 35 years since my first surgery that actually knew how it felt to be in a body like mine. You knew how I had to adjust moves that were simple to people with normal spines, to make them work for me. You understand how balance works for people with fused spines. You helped my son learn to stretch and strengthen his spine in the right spots and his scoliosis curvature stayed the same through a major growth spurt. Such a win! Thank you! "

Julie A

"Teresa is an inspiring, informed, supportive and results-driven personal trainer. Her services are so much more than that. I have scoliosis, horrible posture, don’t want to work out and definitely do not want to put much effort in. Teresa immediately made me feel comfortable. She is nurturing and supportive while educating me on every move. How it will benefit my body. Where I should focus with every motion. Her precision is laser focused on form – and building your personal strength. I’m at ease and feel encouraged. I’ve seen major improvements in my body. My posture has improved greatly. I didn’t realize Teresa would introduce me to “the new me” and it’s a person I like becoming. She is nurturing and supportive to everyone around her. If you are remotely interested in transformation – know there is a friend in Teresa waiting to guide you. All you have to do is make the decision and show up. She holds your hand the rest of the way."

Jason S

"I have been training with Teresa since 2017, and it has changed my life tremendously. She is professional, dependable and personable. She understands my needs and designs her course around my physical limitations so that I do not risk injury. Even though she is a tough trainer who challenges me at every work-out, she is great fun to be around and I look forward to every session with her. She is very organized with scheduling and never lets me down. With Teresa, I am able to develop a consistent exercise routine over the years and I feel stronger, healthier, and happier."

Ting L

"To me, Teresa is the whole package - trainer, therapist, friend. I started working with her a few months after I had a baby to try and ease back into a routine. She knew exactly how to tailor the workout to how my body was feeling on any given day. She could slow it down when I needed it but also find ways to help me push through when I thought I’d hit my limit. She was flexible with scheduling and was able to switch quickly to online training when I was short on time and couldn’t leave the house. I was a little skeptical about online personal training initially, but Teresa found a way to make it work. From scouting my apartment to find the right space for the workout, to customizing our routine to use the equipment I had at home, she made it hard to find an excuse to miss a session. She is a fun person, great to have a chat with when I’m in the mood, but someone who intuitively knows to give me space on my quieter days. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a trainer who really cares and will work with you to help you meet your fitness goals."


"Tough questions as I have learned so very much. I am 58 years old and currently train with Teresa three days a week. She has successfully healed an old injury in my shoulder. I have incurred injuries in knee, hip and feet from too long in heels at events which she has healed. Teresa is an outstanding resource when a physical problem develops. In terms of healing my ten year old (pre-Teresa) shoulder injury, Teresa first taught me exercises to open up my upper body posture. We then began to work on exercises specifically targeting and moving through the shoulder socket with external rotation while still holding my core. The club and mace train are very helpful for developing healthy shoulders, upper body and core. I am 100% sure her efforts kept me from having to consider shoulder surgery. Years ago she increased my hip rotation through pilates exercises and functional movements. These improvements are with me today."


"Your video I saw last year shocked and intrigued me to dig deeper into this. Flexibility did not seem like a possibility for me. I’m learning what my own limits are. For 40 years I thought Stiff was all I would ever be! "


"So I have only been doing the exercises for 2 days and already my core is waking up! I thought that after my last low back fusion on 8/17/23 that the core was going to be dead! I have gone to pt and even with that nothing was as directed and helpful as your exercises already!!"


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