Seattle Children’s Hospital with Dr. Jennifer Rabbitts & Homer Aalfs

Uncategorized Dec 15, 2022

Surgery Pal, a mobile app & website created by researchers at Children’s Hospital to help teens who are undergoing spinal surgery. It’s a program that helps teens prepare for before & post surgery.

Jennifer is a pediatrician, anesthesiologist  pain doctor.  She & the team at Children’s hospital got started on this mission after hearing teens & the struggles they go through. “As health care providers, we could do a better job of supporting teens.”

Teen surgery doesn’t just impact teens, it trickles into the family. Because of this, Children’s Hospital understands the importance of this. That is why, they have 2 versions. One to help support teens, the second to help families move through the process at their own pace. Some of the tools that they teach are how to alleviate stress through breath.

The tools aren’t just to prepare for before or after surgery. The tools can be implemented into life. The feedback they have gotten from patients, it was easy to participate. It's very accessible.

A few of the tools for parents,  what to bring to the hospital to getting support from other families who have already been through the process. 

Currently they have 32 centers that are referring teen patients.

This is available to anyone who meets the criteria in the US. You can go to their Website & apply.


Where can you find them:


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