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Uncategorized Nov 06, 2022

Rick a Sports Orthopedic Physical Therapist with 25 years experience quickly learned that his clients had chronic pain. When he opened his clinic he discovered that patients patterns were the same but the outcomes were different.

In medical school we were taught, "look at the damaged tissue, treat it & out you go!”

His unique perspective dives into WHY tissue is damaged. He shares his approach on Scoliosis a “systems method to solving pain.”

The back pain that people are having often isn’t from Scoliosis.

In medical terms, Scoliosis is defined as a lateral curve. It doesn’t talk about the WHY the curve is occurring. It could be genital, structural or functional curve.

Rick talks about gate patterns & how to help correct the “scoliotic forces.” One of the exercises, he refers to is the “butt pump.” He discuss’s the difference of bent knees vs locked knees & its impact.

Rick talks about the connection of Sciatica & Scoliosis. If you’ve got a right side bend, you’re going to have right side Sciatica. Sciatica is however not just due to shape of the spine. Other factors such as tightness of thigh muscles can pull on the pelvis. This can contribute to Scoliotic curve. He suggests that if you have an S curve, there could be an old injury in the Sciatic leg that is causing the Sciatic pain which needs to be addressed.

Rick shares any easy at home tip that can you try on. He talks about the connection between neck pain & headaches & how they can relate to Scoliotic curves. The cause of most chronic neck pain & headaches come from the shoulder girdle system. Rick goes into details on release methods in his home programs, which can be found on his website. One method he talks about is taping & how powerful it is for getting rid of chronic neck pain as well as headaches. He also mentions a downside to taping.

Rick has a philosophy about pain and how it is lodged into our bodies.

For more on his home programs of how to solve their pain, you can go to his website.

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