Master Mentor Paul Wolkowinski

Uncategorized Oct 27, 2022
Paul Wolkowinski Master teacher & mentor to so many people in the Gada,  (original form of the mace) Clubs & Meels community shares the history & personal journey of training. Originally he started with kettle bells & was attracted to the ballistic & circular movement of them.
In 2007 Paul researched what else there was to swing. Finding a book written about Indian Clubs, which is "still my bible to this day." he decided to try it out. Having a local wood turner create clubs for him. His first time holding them he thought to himself what do I do next. Continuing on this journey, he found steel clubs but didn’t like the coldness of them.
As Paul continued working with clubs, Gada he realized how essential breathing patterns were. Breathing sets a rhythm. He describes the movement of Heart shape circle, what they become & the components they integrate.
In 2017 Paul was diagnosed with prostate cancer.  Part of his physical therapy required movement that he realized was already familiar to what he had been doing with the clubs & Gada. His recovery was expected to take 2 years but with his prior training, he was cleared at 6 months.
After going for a walk & having dry heaves, he came home & picked up a Gada. Swinging for a few mins, he felt Freedom of the chemo leaving his body. He continued swinging for 40 mins!
With patience & “letting his ego go” he started light & brought his movement & strength back.
Paul dives into the technical contributions of the Gada. Holding it upright, dropping it over your left/right shoulder, increases the weight as it falls behind, just to name a few. He shares how you can get creative in making a Gada when first starting out. 
He shares the history of Gada, Clubs, Meels & the difference between countries. Training would take place post Sunday church with everyone participating, men, women & children!
"You have to become intimate, get used holding the weight. The closer it is to your body, the safer it’s going to be.”
When Paul trains, he looks at the WHY he did moved with that swing or that direction.
Where can you find Paul:
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