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Uncategorized Feb 25, 2024

Live pain free with Scoliosis, Arthritis, integrative nutrition & Buteyko breathing retraining

We were made to move.

Born in Poland as young girl in her gym class, she was diagnosed with Scoliosis. At age 16 with a 48 curve she had surgery. Being curious about her own surgery, she convinced her orthopedic to let her observe a spinal fusion using Harrington rods.

Not living with any pain, pre & post surgery, life moved as it always had pain free. It wasn’t until she had her 2nd child that pain started to set in. Having a corporate job, wearing heals, life all took a toll. Not being able to support her Scoliosis, getting out of bed became painful. Cortisone shots weren’t a possibility because of her fusion. 

She worked with therapist for 4 years, she learned how use her body, firing her glutes, how to walk, building core strength. 

Living with Scoliosis & Arthritis pain free. Every day we open up, it’s like we’re blooming. Once we don’t have that message of pain in our head, there is no limit. 

Agnes shares a story about when she wanted to skate. Her daughter was scared remembering the pain her mom lived with.

It wasn’t until her 4th car accident that, her perspective changed. “It was about the work.” This will not impact me. It’s the power of mind set. With that, she said, “I’m going to be okay.”

We need kindness for ourselves. 

This is her story.

Where can you find Agnes:

Instagram: thesimplebeautifulwellness

Web: Simple Beautiful Wellness

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