Ep 63 Jaq- Twisted Wanderer

Uncategorized Feb 10, 2024

At age 13 Jaq was diagnosed with Scoliosis. When she was 16, the pain started. This lead her family into a deep dive of doing research to find out what the nexts would be. She would do physical therapy with no help of her curve decreasing & not being prescribed a brace.

It would be 10 years until she had surgery. She continued living her every day life playing sports & being active. In her senior year of high school, she stopped playing rugby because of the increased. She went to orthopedics, no one prescribing Schroth Method or bracing. “Here’s physical therapy, hopefully it doesn’t worsen.”


Surgery would be her next step. After many appointments & opinions, Jaq & her family found an orthopedic in West Slip, New York Dr. Sevarella.

She would have surgery that kept her in the ICU for a week.

Recovery was rough. I remember burning pain. I remember waking up crying happy that I woke up.

“You have to fight for your new spine.”

She shares, looking back, those were my second first steps.

Jaq shares one of the best post Scoliosis stories about her mom driving home being stopped by the police.

Upon getting home, we realized I wasn’t given meds. 24 hrs later she got her meds but it would take 2 weeks for life to feel normal. My mom was my rock.

It would take 2 years for my spine to feel normal.

So much more goes into surgery than having surgery. Mentally I felt like I was never prepared for what was to come.  i didn’t think about what would be like to bath myself or wash my hair or being able to walk without assistance.

Having surgery has it’s benefits.

Believe in your decisions. You are smart enough.

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