Ep 62 Dr. Gardner CEO Co Founder National Scoliosis Clinic, Orthopedic Surgeon & Professor

Uncategorized Jan 27, 2024

Growing up Dr. Gardner liked science. In college he majored in Chemistry.  "Medicine was a way to touch peoples lives.” Dr. Gardner was drawn to Orthopedic surgery, based on the magnitude & immediacy 

He trained at Hospital for Special Surgery in NYC, graduating in 2007. It was during this time, he was optimistic, viewing the future through rose colored glasses. When he started talking with patients he learned about the health care system is in the US. He started to feel disillusioned on how the system fails patients. 

It was then, he saw specifically how the Scoliosis journey had problematic components.

Dr. Gardner still believes that a lot of these surgeries are potentially avoidable with better systems in place.

Dr. Gardner partnered with Karena Thek founder of Scoliosis Pilates, bringing Kavon Saber (an adult living with Scoliosis) to help patients solve living  with Scoliosis.

Dr Gardner shares his thoughts on Harrington Rods & Tethering. 

Some of Dr. Gardners come to him post surgery with “failed back syndrome.”

Working with Dr. Gardner & his team patients can self scan using the FDA approved app which  asses the severity of a patients scoliosis. 

“The system is not your fault.”

“Losing hope is easy but there is help out there.”

Where can you find Dr. Gardner: 

Instagram: National Scoliosis Clinic



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