Ep 61 Emily Weber living with a Spinal Fusion

Uncategorized Jan 20, 2024

Emily, a friend,  a client with a spinal fusion

Emily's Scoliosis was diagnosed when they did the toe touch test In high school, Being a very active teenager playing field hockey and other sports, her back started to hurt. Her mother thought the pain might be associated to sports. At age 14, Emily had a growth spurt.

During this time, her curves increased. Though her curve increased, it was never recommended that she wear a brace.

She started to live with consistent pain, “turning off the emotional side.” I was a kid who wanted to keep living life.”

In 2007 Emily would have a spinal fusion. Having her mother, brother & friends group, she had continuous supported.

The day after surgery, they orthopedic team had her up & walking.

I asked Emily if she had an physical therapy? She went to a chiropractor pre surgery even before she was diagnosed. One of the memories that stays with her, she used was the arm bike.

When she got home, she noticed she had gained an 1” - 2” in height.

It would take years until Emily would open herself to the emotional impact of having a spinal fusion.

“I have to work with myself, not ignore myself.’

Where can you find Emily?

Instagram: Emily

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