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Dr Laura Glazebrook Schroth Pelvic floor specialist

Uncategorized Aug 01, 2022

Diagnosed at age 11 with a 53 degree curve her orthopedic told her she was the quickest progression they had seen. Fused in 1997 with Harrington rods from T2-L2, Laura sustained a lot of trunk rotation. In 2012, she became a PT. During her education, she found out how little was discussed about Scoliosis. In 2017, she had her second child where she would have a lot of pain. This lead her to the importance of pelvic floor health & the connection it has with Scoliosis where she practices with clients.

Growing up, she was never in pain, always fit, but would have headaches. She attributed this to her body compensation.

As we continue the conversation, she shares that one the key focuses she starts conversation with her clients, we start with a strong back no matter where you are. Start with the mind set, your back is strong. It’s supporting you where you are.

Diving into the pelvic floor & its importance. It is the bottom of our pelvis, it’s “the pelvic floor is the floor of our core.” Pregnancy is an amplifier to whatever movement we are used to using.

Taking a holistic approach, she asks how can we better balance the muscles in your body? How can we support your body where you are.

Dr Laura, shares the importance of changing the Scoliosis language. Scoliosis is a 3-D condition. A struggle that looms over her.

Where can you find Dr. Glazebrook

Instagram: laura.g.dpt

Email: [email protected]

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