Dr Jason Cooney

Uncategorized Nov 13, 2022

With 23 years of professional experience, his dive into the field exceeds his career. Growing up with his father being in the field, he was exposed at a young age. I was always interested in anatomy, so the fit felt like a perfect match of wanting to help people. Upon his graduation, he had the opportunity to work with his father, who was one of the first to get into this field in the 70’s. Times have greatly changed. There’s good chiropractors & bad ones. Jason advocates, to do your research.

Chiro’s help stabilize the spine, slowing down the progression of the curves along with strengthening the muscles.
With congenital scoliosis, it’s difficult to reserve the curve. He keeps it real, “Be weary of chiropractors promising too much.” A chiropractor can help manage pain, range of motion & stabilizing the spine through exercise. While all of this is important, Jason admits it’s only going to be as affective if patients are willing to do the work & work with you that will lead to the best results.
If he has a patient that has more than a 30 degree curve, he sends them to an orthopedist. Determining the degree of the curve, Dr Cooney, goes through a series of assessments, “muscle testing,” check range of motion, get their baseline findings. From there, he develops an exercise program. He is a firm believer that strengthening & flexibility are equally important.
If also emphasizes that if treatment isn’t working that he will redirect the patient who will then be reassessed in 4-6 weeks. Generally this will last approximately 3 months. After that, the patient will be on as needed maintenance.
His patients range from young adolescent’s to adults in their 50’s. For some of the adults, it’s the first time, scoliosis has ever been addressed.
As a chiropractor, Jason is a firm believer that you can get the job done without being ruff. This is very different philosophy than the old school method. It’s about technique. If you have the proper technique, then you shouldn’t be scared of an adjustment. You can “Be gentle while still getting the job done.”
With spinal fusions there does come limitations. Some of those limitations are additional pressures that can be added to the spine where there is no fusion. This can cause those areas to work harder. He talks a variety of ways to help relieve muscle pain. Muscle stimulation, ultrasound, trigger point release, active release, just to name a few.
“Motion is lotion.”
Where can you find Dr. Cooney?

241 Crooks Ave Clifton, NJ 


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