Dr Chris Raynor Injury analyst & Orthopedic Surgeon

Uncategorized Feb 09, 2023

Chris shares his focus on teaching how people can navigate health wellness, sports medicine, orthopedic injuries & orthopedic surgery. How they can stay fit so they can avoid seeing him. He uses social media platforms (primarily YouTube)

He takes every day occurrences & pulls out the injury aspects & discusses it in those contexts.
When he first started to practice, he made himself a promise- he was not going to be the physican who’s patients wouldn’t understand what he was talking about. He made a concerted effort to put it in a context in which people could understand. “I wanted to be a good teacher. I wanted to break it down, so it’s relatable, easily consumable, easily understandable as well as enjoyable. His goal is to make you smarter. So people are armed with information to make better health choices.
The goal is to educated better understand and make health choices.
He shares general content talking about the how, the what will happen & what to expect.
He strongly enforces that if you are in pain, no one is fixing the pain but you. You are the one who is taking control to educate & fix the problem. If you’re in pain, is there a way to modify what is causing the pain.
Chris is a straight shooter. His purpose is to help you whether with him or guide you in another direction.
Where can you find Chris:
Instagram: stablekneez
YouTube: ChrisraynorMD
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