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In middle school around age 13 Kerry noticed she started to have pain. After doing a few toe touch tests, nothing was noticed, though she had a significant curve. In high school, she was playing a lot of sports, during which she was given a brace & told “wait & see.” Not understanding what was happening, she & her friends would make a joke out of it. She wore her brace at night though she was told to wear it 24/7.

While in college her pain became so significant that surgery became her only choice, though she wanted to put it off. She decided that Christmas break would be the best time to have surgery, thinking it was no big deal. Break was over & she flew back to school & was carrying her books living her every day college life. 

She started to notice after being fused T1- T11, her pain patterns hadn’t changed. The continued when she was in grad school. The pains kept her frozen, including where she was fused. It was during this time that she learned about the nervous system & the things she could do to help her Scoliosis, Schroth  Scoliosis Pilates just to name a few. When she started working on these, techniques, her pain started to “melt away.”

After talking with Erin Meyers, from Spiral Spine,  hearing other peoples stories, Kerry started to  learn about the ways to take control through her nervous system. She believes that taking some of the trauma out of Scoliosis will lesson the pain.


This is something that resinates with her. Take the darkness, fight or flight “Dorsal Vagal” out. Kelly started to notice that what she was sharing with her clients, she wasn’t applying to herself. She heard a repetitive voice that kept playing on a cassette player. This voice kept triggering her.  As she explored, she discovered that her triggers came from doctors language.


She found Vivian DaywithViv on Instagram. Through Viv’s program, her world opened up. 


Kerry learned how to change that language started got certified in neurological fitness-short somatic exercises that make you feel safe. 

Through her own work, she created an 8 week program, Nerve to Sour. Master anxiety & heal your nervous system. 


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