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Practicing for almost 4 decades as a Chiropractic Orthopedist and author of 'Healing The Human Machine.’

Dr. Hargis, a graduate from Palmer College, he wanted to specialize in Orthopedics because that was most germain to patient population he was seeing.

Once making the decision into Orthopedics, he went through an 3 1/2 year orthopedic program at NY chiropractic college.

Along the way, he started treating people with Scoliosis. During this time, he saw X-ray of patients, noticing leg length discrepancies. To his surprise, radiologists never commented on these.

Dr Hargis shares his a rational perspective. X-rays are taken from a standing position. This should be an easy observation to see as a leg length discrepancy. Dr. Hargis explains. The spine made up of 24 moveable vertebra sitting on a pelvis. If one leg is shorter, you’re going to have a pelvic tilt. In Dr. Hargis, opinion the leg length discrepancy is never discussed. If a lift were put in the show, while tracking the scoliotic patient,

“there would be no money to be made.”

Dr Hargis, questions “why Scoliosis isn’t evaluated properly.”He breaks this down.

Dr. Hargis dives deeper into the connection of body balance in his book, Healing the Human Machine along with equipment he has designed to help patients. There is a way to balance & correct the body if you understand how to do it.

He emphasize’s how important exercise is.

“Balance them from the ground up.” Good spinal mobility is important. One way to get them is through spinal manipulation.

“Doing the right therapy avoiding the wrong procedures.”

Where can you find Dr. Hargis:

Facebook: Dr Hargis

 YouTube: Healing the Human Machiine

WWW healingthehumanmachine.com/


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