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Uncategorized May 30, 2023

This is a guest you don’t want to miss! Dr. Hagit started at Hospital for Special Surgery in NY after finishing her education in Physical therapy. There she met, one of the greatest spinal surgeons Dr. Boachie, lead Chair of Scoliosis Society. She asked to follow him to help in his foundation going to Ghana helping to rehabilitate children with complex spinal surgeries. 

Dr Hachi, was a believer of not operating on children but instead conservatively doing research that could help. He would prefer to operate on 1 out of 10 children. It is the guidance & help of Dr. Boachie that Dr. Hagit was able to reach her education for conservative management.


Dr. Hagit found the Schroth Clinic in Germany & signed up for the 10 day course. Continuing her education, she studied the Barcelona method with Dr. Rigo. 

With her education, Dr. Hagit has since opened her own school with her partner, of online learning Scoliosis and Spine Online Learning  (SSOL)

How does Dr. Hagit work. She’s based out of NY & Israel but she has patients from all over the word. Dr. Hagit dives into what happens if you’ve have a spinal fusion & what you should do post surgery depending on what type of surgery you’ve had (tethering vs. rods). How far along are they post surgery. 

Some of the techniques for curves & spinal fusions can be the same, breath expansion, lengthening. It’s similar but individual in many ways. 

Dr Hagit shares a story of her 87 year old client. The devotion of her client has with her mat and mattress marked for alignment. She practices 7 days a week. “She will forever be my role model of compliance.”

"Compliance is number in success!”

Dr. Hagit shares another story, a teenager in NY with a 51 degrees. With 6 opinions she was told to have surgery. At the last orthopedic appointment, her surgeon suggested Schroth & bracing. “You’ve got nothing to lose” 

With Dr. Hagit’s exercises, her curves went from a 51 to a 30 & no surgery! Dr. Hagit emphasizes how important the family support is. It’s crucial for the success. 

It was Dr. Hagit that brought Schroth to NY. She brakes down the process of why it took so long to come to the states. “When there is more experience, there will be more documents.

We are an adjunct to the patient. Deliver the hope through your voice, your hands & your education. 


Where can you Dr. Hagit:

Instagram: SchrothNYC

Web: Schrothnyc

YouTube: Dr. Hagit


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