The Musculoskeletal Mystery: How to Solve Your Pelvic Floor Symptoms

Uncategorized Jan 07, 2023

Heather Florio & Ingrid Harm-Ernandes co authors the Musculko Skeletal Mystery - How to solve the Pelvic floor system.

Heather founder of Dessert Harvest - Ingrid at PT Pelvic floor specialist share their knowledge & passion of the impact your pelvic floor can impact Scoliosis & how using exercises & tools strengthen your pelvic floor. 

Ingrid dives into “Your body is your house. The pelvic floor is the foundation.” A simple explanation for everyone to benefit from & understand how important pelvic floor is & works.

With Scoliosis, the curves can cause the house to be ascue to one side leaving the body to adjust. Over time, it can be hard for the body to adjust. This can lead to a “breakdown.” With exercises of strengthening of the whole core & products, you can help to stabilize the pelvic floor. This along with products that can be used to strengthen tissue health.

In their book, they share specifically how to do a pelvic floor contraction floor exercise. Sometimes products are required to help with pelvic floor strengthening. This is where Heather’s products come in. Sometimes muscles can be so contracted that need to relax. One of Dessert Harvest products (the wand) helps to relax the pelvic floor muscle groups. To accompany the wand, Heather shares products that are naturally made to replicate the body.

With Scoliosis the pudendal nerve can be impacted causing pain. A CBD that Dessert Harvest offers showed that peoples pain was reduced by 54% within 24 hrs.

To find out more, listen to their episode.


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